Winslow Indian Health Care Center

Winslow Indian Health Care Center’s new mobile medical vehicle is built on a 39′ Freightliner MT-55 walk-in van chassis allowing non-CDL drivers to drive the vehicle. A Cummins 260HP engine powers the vehicle and includes an Allison 2200 automatic transmission. For a generator, Winslow Indian Health Care Center chose a Wrico Platinum liquid-cooled diesel generator for electric power.

The interior of the Winslow Indian Health Care Center medical vehicle features a galley kitchen with microwave and refrigerator and bench seating by the cab of the vehicle can be a private area for employees with the use of a built-in pocket door. There is also a lavatory with a dry flush toilet, providing convenience to patients. An electric galley water system with a sink and faucet and a mirror have also been included in the lavatory. A work area with a medical-grade refrigerator and countertop straps for customer-supplied medical equipment also includes laminate counters and a seating area to perform blood draws. A wall-mounted smart TV and blu-ray player house in a custom-fabricated aluminum cabinet are present in the waiting area. Custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets are found throughout the vehicle, providing ample storage space. Dry erase writing surfaces have been integrated into overhead cabinets as well. Electrical components such as shore power, ACData surge suppressor, and GFCI duplex receptacle among others have been integrated throughout the vehicle. A private exam room can be found in the rear of the vehicle with a host of customer-supplied medical equipment.

Winslow chose to have pull out steps integrated into the exterior of the vehicle with their own narrow profile cassette housing along with a fold-out handrail. Scene lights by the steps illuminate when the entry door is opened and more. Scene lights can be found around the vehicle exterior for night time operation. A Braun wheelchair lift has been integrated into the body while the control has its own cabinet mounted nearby on the rear of the vehicle. Three ducted low-profile air conditioning units can be found on roof, keeping things cool. Two wall-mounted electric heaters as well as a diesel-powered furnace with its own separate thermostat control help warm thing up when needed. An automatic one-touch vehicle leveling system can be deployed, keeping the vehicle level no matter what terrain it is parked on. For safety, a Zone Defense color rear view system with day and night cameras and microphone for audio commands has been included. A bold, colorful graphic wrap has been added to the exterior as well, perfectly encapsulating Winslow Indian Health Care Center.

Vehicle Details

  • 2019 Freightliner MT-55 walk-in van chassis
  • Cummins 260HP diesel engine
  • Allison 2200 automatic transmission
  • Braun wheelchair lift
  • Pull-out aluminum stairs in cassette
  • Exterior fold-out handrail
  • Zone Defense color backup camera
  • Wrico liquid-cooled diesel generator
  • Lavatory with dry flush toilet
  • Galley kitchen with microwave and refrigerator
  • Fixed bench seating with removable cushions
  • Custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets
  • Dry erase surfaces on overhead cabinets
  • 32″ LED smart TV
  • Blu-ray disc player
  • Panic alert system
  • Quadra Mfg. automatic vehicle leveling system
  • Exterior storage compartment
  • Shore power package
  • Whelen scene lighting
  • 3 ducted low-profile air conditioner units
  • 2 wall-mounted electric heaters
  • Diesel-fired furnace with individual thermostat control
  • Hehr street-side mounted sliding egress window with screen


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