Winnebago County EM (WI) Mobile Command Center

Winnebago County EM (WI) chose a Freightliner MT-55 forward control chassis for their new mobile command center. This vehicle is powered by a Cummins B6.7 engine and features an Allison 2200 EVS automatic transmission with park pawl and PTO provision. A single flat-floor slide-out has been integrated into the body of the command center to optimize the interior space for staff. This flat-floor slide-out is powered by LDV’s Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system which also automates startup and shutdown procedures, as well as other vehicle systems such as HVAC, generators, lighting, and more. A custom-fabricated cab console has been added to the cab area to house the Intel-I-Touch screen and other control panels as well.

A front conference area includes a fixed conference table with a fold-down leaf in front of fixed bench seating with seatbelts and removable cushions for additional storage space. The conference table also features computer cable pass-throughs for using multiple devices during collaboration. In the conference table’s base is also two HDMI inputs to the matrix switcher, two duplex outlets with USB chargers, six Cat6 network jacks, and one 12Vdc power outlet. Three spider-base task chairs can be set up in front of the conference table if needed. A framed magnetic white board hangs above this collaboration area. On the curbside of the vehicle is flip-down bench seating that sits below two 50″ monitors.

Two flush pocket doors on heavy-duty tracks have been installed, providing a way to create separation and privacy between the different areas of the vehicle. Custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets have been installed throughout, including a weapons cabinet in the galley area for safe storage and transport of up to 10 weapons. Laminate countertops have been installed for durability.

In the center of the vehicle, ample custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets can be found along with a slide-out tray for the customer-supplied printer/fax/copier/scanner. A generous electronics rack can also be found in this area of the vehicle. Pre-wire and installation provisions were made for customer-supplied parts as well including a rack-mount network switch and wireless router.

The rear work area features four workstations that include a 24″ monitor, RJ-45 data jacks, 20A-125Vac duplex receptacle with dual USB charging ports, HDMI input to the matrix switcher, and spider base task chairs. The rear workstations also feature computer pass-throughs for running additional cables if needed. On the rear wall of this area are two 43″ 4K UHD Smart HDTVs. This area also features ample communication equipment including communications radios, a HAM radio, and an EF Johnson radio.

A weatherproof exterior workstation provides a workspace outside the vehicle and includes a flip-down work space, LED strip lights, 43″ 4K UHD Smart HDTV, HDMI inputs, 12Vdc outlets, Cat6 network jacks, duplex outlet with USB charging port, a communications radio, and a TPS local control pad. A Fireco 2300 series heavy-duty, non-locking telescoping pneumatic mast with a lookup light has been installed on the rear of the vehicle. To provide shade for those utilizing the exterior workstation, a 14′ automatic electric awning has been installed on the vehicle’s curbside. A 25-kW liquid-cooled diesel generator has also been installed in its own custom-fabricated housing. Assisting with parking duties is a Zone Defense color backup camera system. To complete the exterior, an emergency light and siren package has been installed along with custom graphics.

Vehicle Details

  • Freightliner MT-55 forward control chassis
  • (1) flat-floor slide-out
  • LDV’s Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system
  • Weatherproof exterior workstation
  • Pre-wire and installation provisions for customer-supplied parts
  • (2) flush pocket doors on heavy-duty aluminum tracks
  • Fixed conference table with computer pass-through and fold-down leaf
  • Fixed bench seating with seatbelts and removable cushions
  • Slide-out printer tray for customer supplied fax/copier/scanner/printer
  • Heavy-duty non-locking telescoping pneumatic mast
  • 14′ automatic electric awning
  • 25-kW liquid-cooled diesel generator
  • Zone Defense color backup camera system
  • Emergency lights and siren package


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