Wilmington Police Department Bomb/EOD Vehicle


The Wilmington Police Department used LDV to create their versatile bomb squad /EOD vehicle. The vehicle is built on a Freightliner M2 cab chassis and measures 29ft. in overall length. Manually operated entry steps have been installed under the curbside entry door and bomb suit storage door. Inside the vehicle are four work stations with task chairs, duplex receptacles, and pre-wire and installation provisions made for communications radio. Prewire and installation provisions have been made for a customer-owned satellite telephone at the fourth workstation. An LCD HDTV is located on the front and back walls of the vehicle. Wilmington chose to incorporate a galley kitchen with microwave and 2.7 cu.ft. refrigerator for their staff's convenience while on a scene. The interior also features a bomb suit storage closet with a heavy-duty stainless steel hanger that can be accessed from the exterior if needed. Another aluminum storage closet with aluminum box pan shelves have been added for additional storage space as well as aluminum box pan shelves with mesh cargo netting. Above the curbside entry door is a 120/240Vac control center with 12Vdc power panels, a master disconnect switch, and breakers. The exterior is outfitted with multiple storage compartments for equipment storage, as well as access to SCBA bottles and the department's bomb suits. A satin anodized aluminum finish roll-up door opens to deploy the bi-fold aluminum collapsible fold-out ramp for deployment of their bomb robot. HVAC needs are handled by two low-profile air conditioners and tow wall mount electric heaters. To ensure the vehicle is level while at a scene, a four point fully automatic one-touch leveling system has been integrated as well. Parking duties are handled by a color backup camera system which also assists when backing up the vehicle. A solid color 14ft. awning provides cover for those working outside the vehicle. Providing electric power to the this bomb/EOD vehicle is a 12-kW generator that is housed in its own custom-fabricated all-aluminum compartment.


  • Freightliner M2
  • Satin anodized aluminum finish roll-up door
  • Bi-fold aluminum collapsible fold-out ramp
  • Aluminum box pan shelves
  • SCBA unit storage compartment
  • Bomb suit compartment with heavy-duty hanger rod
  • VersaTie track recessed into floor
  • VersaTie heavy-duty double stud tie down rings
  • Galley with microwave and 2.7 cu. ft. fridge
  • Custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets
  • Omni-directional antenna with built-in solid-state amplifier
  • (2) low-profile air conditioners
  • (2) wall mount electric heaters
  • 12-kW generator in custom-fabricated all-aluminum compartment
  • Solid color 14′ awning
  • Four point fully automatic one-touch leveling system
  • Color backup camera system
"We are extremely happy with both of our LDV-built trucks. We have already recommended other Departments check-out LDV for their custom vehicle needs."
Deputy Chief Marty Bender
Fort Wayne Police Department
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