US Marshals (DC) Mobile Command Center


The US Marshals brought their mobile command back to LDV for another round of retrofitting. This vehicle was originally intended to travel back and forth to locations via a cargo plane, and is shorter and narrower than a typical mobile command center because of this. Due to the limited space of traveling in a cargo plane, certain concessions had to be made such as not including a rear mast in the original build of the vehicle.

Because this mode of transport is no longer used for the mobile command center, the US Marshals elected to add a new mast and mast components to the rear along with implementing other updates. Adding a rear mast meant creating a new rear wall and adding reinforcement for the mast. Dual dome IP network cameras have been installed on the mast as well to help keep surveillance over the vehicle's surroundings. A new bumper was fabricated to accommodate the new rear wall as well. The new bumper is a full body width aluminum tread plate bumper with a Diamondback open grating step surface for drainage and safety.


The US Marshals also chose to reconfigure their rear conference area by removing the flip-down seating, bench seating, and conference table. A new set of bench seating was installed to the street and curb side walls and feature removable cushions for additional storage space. In between these new sets of bench seating is an updated conference table and base. Even a new window was framed in to the room, providing natural light and air flow when needed. The newly configured conference area also features stacked 32" LED 1080P Smart HDTV monitors and a 43" UHD 4K Smart HDTV on the rear conference wall.


Laminate walls were installed throughout different rooms of the vehicle. These replace the carpeted walls that were retrofitted in the vehicle in place of the original laminate walls. A custom electronics rack was also fabricated and installed for storing different electrical and system components securely. This new electronics rack replaced the overhead electronics racks found in the front and the corner cabinet electronics rack in the rear area of the vehicle. New overhead cabinets were also installed in place of overhead electronics racks for additional storage space as well as additional aluminum base cabinets. These new overhead cabinets also feature dry erase writing surfaces. The old refrigerator was also swapped with a newer model.

Other exterior updates were also made as well. The exterior workstation was updated with a new 32" 1080P HDR Smart HDTV as well as a 12VDC dual USB power port, HDMI Matrix switcher, and HDMI input or output to the matrix. The three camera backup system replaced with a newer model while the graphics were also refreshed. The old striping was removed and new lettering was added. The old AC units were changed out to ducted AC units with wall-mounted thermostat controls. A new Power Tech 20-kW liquid-cooled diesel generator was also installed with air bag mounts in its existing compartment.


  • Fabricated new bumper and tow hitch
  • Framed new window in rear conference room
  • Fabricated new rear wall and reinforced for mast installation
  • Fabricated new conference table base
  • Replaced carpeted walls with laminate
  • Added new filling cabinet where safe was located
  • New countertop in galley area
  • Moved refrigerator to new location
  • Installed new fixed bench seating with removable cushions
  • Installed new custom-fabricated overhead cabinets
  • Installed new electronics rack
  • Installed 4 new IP perimeter cameras
"We are extremely happy with both of our LDV-built trucks. We have already recommended other Departments check-out LDV for their custom vehicle needs."
Deputy Chief Marty Bender
Fort Wayne Police Department
The mission of the State Police is to respond to incidents statewide and to assist our federal and local law enforcement partners with their investigations. The new mobile crime laboratory will help ensure …
Colonel O'Donnell
Rhode Island State Police
"I was very satisfied with the whole experience and process. I believe that the sales personnel and technicians are very knowledgeable and have years of institutional knowledge that shows in the execution of the unit. My questions were all ways answered immediately and if there was any reach back for additional confirmation it was always followed up with a phone call and email. The open lines of communication provided both of us the full awareness of where we were in the build process and helped eliminate unnecessary delays or unanswered questions. Everyone I encountered during my visits were always smiling and happy while working, which was great to see and experience. This is reflected in the finished product that was noticed by my staff and all others that have visited to see the new addition to our fleet."
Alex O'Rourke
Logistics Section Chief
The best feature of the vehicle is the flush floor slide-out in the front of the vehicle. It provides a very functional work area and always receives favorable comments.
Greg Logan
Chief Deputy, Woodbury County Sheriff
The Command Vehicle enhances our team policing philosophy, and enhances our ability to carry out our mission of 'Know us BEFORE you need us.
Chief Scott Greuel
Oshkosh Police Department
Workmanship. Attention to detail. From the design and the initial recommendations to guiding us in deciding on a floor plan and technology components to ensure we have a unit that will bring high value for us for many years to come …
Tobie Weberg
Deputy Inspector, Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office SWAT Commander
MOC 1 is working out great. No issues and we are so very pleased with it. We get lots of compliments about it when out and is truly meeting our needs.
Gerard J. Whittington, Jr.
Buffalo, NY
I wanted to drop you a note to say that we are very pleased with the product that we purchased from LDV. It is evident that your company invests in quality and the truck reflects the experience that LDV has in building. Thank you for …
Lt. Dwane Razzetti
Bergen County, NJ OEM
I just wanted to send a thank you for all the assistance you provided with the planning and purchase of our new SWAT vehicle. To say that we are impressed with it would be an understatement. It is exactly what our agency …
Sergeant John M. Dunham
Elmira, NY
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