Trillium Health (NY) Mobile Medical Vehicle


Trillium Health (NY) recently took delivery of their spacious new LDV-built mobile medical vehicle. Built on a Freightliner MT-55 forward control chassis, the vehicle boasts a Cummins 300HP engine, Allison 2500 EVS automatic transmission with park pawl and PTO provision, and air ride rear suspension and air brakes. An automatic steel entry step is mounted under the entry door and automatically deploys when the door is opened. The cab area features two front seats with swivel capabilities and a passenger-side work area with countertop laminate to match the rest of the vehicle.

Inside is a front and rear exam room, both of which include exam tables, flip-down bench seating, custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets, a sink with pressurized water system, customer supplied sharps containers and Welch Allyn medical equipment. In the rear exam room, a stowed folding chair sits against the wall. A wheelchair lift is also housed in the rear exam room. Cat6 computer network jacks, a GFCI duplex receptacle, and 20A/125Vac duplex receptacles have been installed throughout the vehicle.

A work station sits by the entryway door with custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets, monitor, and medical grade fridge. Almond-colored fixed bench seating with removable cushions for storage and a seatbelt for a passenger sits across from the workstation, creating a relaxing waiting area for patients. Located in the center of the vehicle is a lavatory with a DryFlush electric waterless toilet, pressurized water system, and a specimen pass through hatch from the bathroom to the hallway. A galley kitchen complete with a microwave, 2.7 cu. ft. refrigerator, and laminate countertop also sits in the center of the vehicle.

On the exterior, a wheelchair access door has been integrated into the body with a door grabber to ensure it stays open on its own while the wheelchair lift is in use. Three single door underbody storage compartments for additional exterior storage have been integrated into the body. A fully automatic one-touch vehicle leveling system allows the mobile medical center to sit level no matter where it is parked. For HVAC needs, three ducted low-profile air conditioners and a 12,000-16,000 BTU/hr direct discharge diesel-fired furnace have been included. A 12-kW generator is housed within a custom-fabricated all aluminum generator compartment. Scene lights provide illumination around the vehicle and a Zone Defense color backup camera system aids in backing up the mobile medical vehicle safely.


  • Freightliner MT-55 forward control chassis
  • 26,000-lb. GVWR
  • Air ride rear suspension and air brakes
  • Cummins 300HP engine
  • Allison 2500 EVS automatic transmission with park pawl with PTO provision
  • 2 Bostrom Pro-Ride swivel seats
  • 2 exam room areas with exam tables and Welch Allyn medical equipment
  • Medical-grade refrigerator
  • Wheelchair access door with door “grabber”
  • Electric wheelchair lift
  • DryFlush electric waterless toilet
  • Automatic electric steel entry step
  • Passenger-side work area
  • Flip-down bench seating in exam rooms
  • Custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets
  • Galley kitchen with microwave and fridge
  • Specimen pass through hatch from bathroom to outside lavatory
  • Zone Defense color backup camera system
  • 3 ducted low-profile A/C units
  • 12,000-16,000 BTU/hr direct discharge, diesel-fired furnace
  • 2 power roof ventilators
  • Diesel 12-kW generator
  • Custom-fabricated all aluminum generator compartment
  • Fully automatic one-touch vehicle leveling system
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