Tri County Dental (WI) Mobile Dentistry Vehicle

Tri County Dental in Wisconsin chose LDV to create their new mobile dentistry vehicle! This vehicle is built on an LDV custom coach and features our Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system. The sophisticated system controls the vehicle’s systems and features such as generators, HVAC, lights, and the vehicle’s slide-out room extension with the touch of a button. Integrating a slide-out room extension on the street side increases the space in the front exam area of the vehicle. The driver’s area houses an Intel-I-Touch screen overhead and a countertop work area with a 2.7 cu. ft. refrigerator installed underneath.

Tri County supplied a host of dental equipment that was used throughout the entire vehicle. When entering through the curbside entry door, there is a large front exam area with two dental exam chairs, two stools for dental staff, and dental exam lights. Each exam chair comes with a set of Blutooth headphones and a 32″ overhead ceiling mounted monitor for a comfortable viewing experience while receiving dental care. Media is supplied to these monitors via a blu-ray DVD player found in the rear exam room’s electronics cabinet. A curtain on a track can be pulled to create separation between these two areas while another creates privacy between the driver and frontmost exam area. Two wall-mounted hooks sit by the curbside entry door as well as in the rear exam room.

This area also features custom-fabricated cabinetry in varying sizes and depths. Instrument trays on slides have been added to the cabinets for staff to easily access them when needed. Monitors and overhead cabinets have also been added as well. Solid surface countertops have been used throughout the vehicle for durability. Fixed bench seating offers patients a place to wait while also providing additional storage space with its removable cushions. Above the bench seating, a microwave has been integrated into the overhead cabinets. A tall closet is also located in this area and features adjustable shelving that can accommodate the staff’s changing storage needs. This area also houses the sterilization area which features two sterilizers on slide-out trays, more custom cabinets, instrument washer and a plumbed galley water system.

RJ-45 Cat6 computer network jacks provide connections for customer-supplied micro computers. They have also provided flexible display arms for adjusting the monitors when needed. Pre-wire and installation provisions have been made for a customer-owned wireless router as well. The rear features another full exam area along with more custom-fabricated cabinetry including a corner cabinet and electronics rack. A flush pocket door installed on a heavy-duty track creates privacy when needed.

The exterior is covered with a vibrant custom wrap that perfectly captures what the vehicle does. HVAC is handled by three ducted low-profile air conditioners and two 12,000-16,000 Btu/hr direct discharge diesel-fired furnaces with individual thermostat controls. Supplying electric power to the vehicle when needed is a 25-kW liquid-cooled diesel generator installed in an underbody compartment. Automatic steps deploy when the curbside door is open and for additional safety measures, the custom-fabricated handrail can be deployed as well. The vehicle’s leveling system can be used to ensure it is level no matter where it is located.

Vehicle Details

  • LDV Custom Coach chassis
  • LDV’s Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system
  • (1) slide-out room extension for front exam area
  • Customer-supplied dental equipment including exam tables, sterilizers, and instrument washers
  • Galley area with plumbed water system
  • Custom-fabricated cabinetry and closets
  • Stainless steel securement brackets for customer-supplied dental stools
  • (3) Ceiling mounted 32″ monitors
  • Securements for customer-supplied nitrous carts
  • (2) instrument sterilizers on custom slide-out trays
  • RJ-45 Cat6 computer network jack
  • Electronics rack with Blu-ray player
  • HDMI distribution amplifier for Blu-ray player
  • Solid surface countertops for durability
  • Flush pocket door on a heavy-duty aluminum track
  • Vibrant graphic wrap
  • 25-kW 120/240Vac liquid-cooled diesel generator
  • (3) ducted low-profile air conditioners
  • (2) 12,000-16,000 Btu/hr diesel-fired furnaces
  • Automatic entry step with custom-fabricated handrail
  • 20A-125Vac duplex receptacles with dual USB charging ports
  • GFCI duplex receptacles
  • Pre-wire and installation provisions for customer owned wireless router


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