STOCK SERIES: 32ft. Freightliner MT-55G Chassis Mobile Command Center

This mobile command center is built on a Freightliner MT-55G chassis with a TQS V8-308 6.0L gasoline engine and an Allison 2200HS automatic transmission with O/D. The durable all aluminum step van body with both passenger and rear entry into the vehicle. We custom fabricated a flip-down rear step which has been installed on the bumper. At the front it includes a custom fabricated overhead console to house electrical components and control panels.

The front area in the mobile command center features a fixed conference table with a fold-down leaf, framed magnetic dry erase board, fixed bench seating with removable cushions, and flip-down bench seats for additional seating. A galley kitchen with a refrigerator and coffee maker can be found in the center of the vehicle along with custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets. The rear area of the vehicle features four workstations with spider-base task chairs, overhead cabinets with dry erase surfaces, laminate countertops, and Cat6 network jacks. Pre-wiring and installation provisions have also been made for communications radios as well. Creating privacy between the two sections of the vehicle is a flush pocket door installed on a heavy-duty aluminum track.

To assist with parking duties, a color backup camera system was installed. Two low-profile air conditioners and two wall mount 5,120Btu/hr electric heaters help keep the temperature inside comfortable. For electric power, a 15-kW liquid-cooled gasoline generator has been installed in its own custom-fabricated compartment. Prewiring and provisions have also been made for a customer-installed rear mast on this mobile command center. Vehicle can also be utilized for COVID-19 testing and vaccination administration.

Stock Series vehicles feature the best chassis and interior configurations based on our 45+ years building custom trucks. Inventory changes quickly! Call an LDV Sales Representative to learn more: 800-558-5986.

*Photos are references and not actual photos of the described vehicle. Price shown does not include tax, title, registration and service fees.

Vehicle Details

  • Freightliner MT-55G chassis
  • 6.0L TQS V8-308 gasoline engine
  • Allison 2200HS automatic transmission
  • All aluminum body construction
  • Color backup camera system
  • Pre-wire and installation provisions for customer installed 25′ rear mast
  • Fixed bench seating with removable cushions
  • Flip-down bench seating
  • Custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets
  • Laminate countertops
  • Magnetic dry erase board framed in aluminum
  • Prewire and make provisions for communications radio
  • 2 Coleman Mach 8 Series low-profile air conditioners
  • 2 Broan wall mount 5,120Btu/hr electric heaters
  • 15-kW liquid-cooled gasoline generator
  • Custom-fabricated housing for generator
  • Emergency light and siren package


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