STOCK SERIES: 2021 Ford F-59 20ft. Tool Truck


BRAND NEW TRUCK! This new stock series 20ft. Ford F-59 tool truck features a 7.3L V8 engine (gas) and an automatic transmission. A 2,000lb. auto open/close liftgate is also included. The frontend features LDV's appearance package with custom hood, polished aluminum wheels, LED headlamps, chrome bumper and heated side mirrors. An electric step eases entry into the store.

Inside, this stock series truck features a front powder coated promo shelf and a folding security gate to protect your inventory. A 22" ColorCore single stack and L-shaped desk are also included. A 22" ColorCore repair stack complete with broken tools drawer and a carpeted hammer rack is also installed. There are three toolbox areas: 90", 64" and 44" with split shelves over the 90" and 64" box areas. There are removable promo shelves in the 44" box area. Twelve 36" VersaFlex sliding display drawers provide plenty of product display space. We also included black powder coated overstock drawers.

There is engine-driven A/C and four 6V lead acid auxiliary batteries in an all aluminum compartment. We also include a battery watering system to simplify battery maintenance. A 2,000 watt pure since inverter is also included.

Reference: SO632911

Stock Series vehicles feature the best chassis and interior configurations based on our 45+ years building custom trucks. Inventory changes quickly! Call an LDV Sales Representative to learn more: 800-558-5986.

*Price shown does not include tax, title, registration and service fees.


  • Ford F59
  • All aluminum body
  • 2,000lb. auto open/close liftgate
  • LDV appearance package w/ LED headlamps
  • Polished aluminum wheels
  • Heated side mirrors
  • Front promo shelf
  • 22″ single repair stack
  • Carpeted hammer rack
  • L-shaped desk with drawer stack
  • ColorCore display shelving
  • (12) 36″ wide VersaFlex display drawers
  • Black powder coated overstock drawers
  • (3) Toolbox areas: 90″, 64″ and 44″
  • Split shelves over 90″ and 64″ box areas
  • Removable shelves over 44″ box area
  • Smooth plate in box areas
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