SFC 2021 Show Truck - 2020 Freightliner MT-55 20ft.


How about this SFC 2021 show truck? This 2020 Freightliner MT-55 20ft model features 6.7L 240HP Cummins diesel engine and an automatic transmission. This tool truck is equipped with air ride and air brakes. This truck is unique in that it features our new Cold Weather Package which includes: Heated seats, heated stepwell covers, heated windshield wipers, auxiliary hot water heater at driver area, foam insulation sprayed in walls/ceiling/underbody and additional insulation in the driver wheel well area.

Additional features of this tool truck include red powder coated shelves and trim. We added slatwall around the workstation. There are three toolbox areas (90", 62", 44") and split shelves above the 90" and 62" box openings. There are promo shelves in the 44" box area. We added smooth plate in the box areas to protect the floor. There is a folding security gate as well. Engine driven A/C with a roof mounted condenser is also included. The workstation is finished in ColorCore and has a printer access door and has black laminate top with ColorCore trim.
Everything went perfect for me. Jeff is very good at what he does, and I would highly recommend him and LDV.
Chris Dacus
Jonesboro, Arkansas
My best buying experience ever. Thank you Ray!
Tom Kies
Concord, NC
Quality of the truck was excellent. Ray was very helpful.
Steve Pino
Meredith, NH
"There were a lot of ideas that I had and a lot of things that I knew I wanted, but didn't know how to do. Ray and I worked together to figure it out. He was absolutely fantastic …
Mike Elliott
Potosi, MO
Michael Kidd's 22' Freightliner MT-55 Custom Tool Truck
Michael Kidd
Rome, OH
With my new truck, there's a huge difference in customer flow. Now, I can stay out of the way and not be standing in the aisle. This makes a big, big difference in how they shop and how long they shop …
Kevin Schram
Gillette, WY
Thanks again Ray, as always the service is unparalleled. I want to again thank you, Pete and the rest of the LDV staff for getting me my new truck in the fastest possible manner. After a horrific accident where my truck was totaled, I was up and running …
John Corvi
Peoria, AZ
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