Rolling Hills Library (MO) Mobile Library

The Rolling Hills Library in Missouri took delivery of their new mobile library. Built on a Chevy 4500 chassis, it boasts a Vortec V8 engine and 6 speed transmission. The vehicle features front and rear curbside entry doors, with the rear patron door custom-built by LDV. A workstation can be found when entering through either doorway. These workstations are complete with LED undercabinet lights, a spider-base task chair, RJ-45 CAT6 network jacks, and aluminum cabinetry.

The interior features ample Acore modular shelving to ensure the library’s ever-changing book collection can be accommodated as needed. Fixed bench seating provides an additional seating area and storage space with its removable cushions. Custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets have been installed throughout as well. Clear acrylic brochure holders have been added to hold magazines and other literary materials. Stack and nest book board bins have also been installed for additional storage. Laminate countertops have been used throughout for durability.

On the exterior of the vehicle is a curbside awning which provides coverage for patrons entering or exiting out of either curbside entry door. To assist with parking duties, a Zone Defense color backup camera system has been installed. A 7kW 120/240 volt AC generator has been installed and mounted in a custom-fabricated all-aluminum compartment mounted on the rear of the vehicle. HVAC is handled by two low-profile air conditioners and two Espar 13,600 BTU gasoline-fired furnaces. Adding a fun finishing touch is the bubble machine installed on the rear of the vehicle. The exterior is finished off with a vibrant graphic wrap that demonstrates the joys and escapism of reading.

Vehicle Details

  • Chevy 4500 chassis
  • Acore modular shelving
  • Bubble machine on rear of vehicle
  • Clear acrylic brochure holders
  • Stack and Nest book board bins
  • Fixed bench seating with removable cushions
  • Custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets
  • RJ-45 CAT6 computer network jacks
  • Laminate countertops for durability
  • Zone Defense color backup camera system
  • Vibrant graphic exterior wrap
  • Automatic awning on curbside
  • (2) low-profile air conditioners
  • (2) Espar 13,600 BTU gasoline-fired furnaces
  • 7kW 120/240 volt AC generator


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