mobile medical vehicle - LDV
Mobile medical vehicle - LDV

Promesa, Inc. (NY) Mobile Clinic

Promesa of New York recently took delivery of their new mobile medical vehicle. The mobile clinic is built on a Ford F59 chassis and features a 7.3L gas engine with 6-speed automatic transmission. The all aluminum body has a pull out stair cassette housed within a compartment near the rear of the vehicle. A powerful 15kW liquid cooled generator supplies plenty of power to the vehicle while set up. A full vehicle surge suppression system protects the vehicle’s installed electronics. We also installed a Cradlepoint cellular router. A color backup camera system has also been installed to help with parking the vehicle.

Inside the vehicle, you will find a front patient examination room complete with Brewer exam table and a Welch Allyn diagnostics equipment setup mounted to the wall. A pocket door provides privacy. A pressurized water supply system with water heater is also integrated to the vehicle. A medical grade refrigerator is also included. The center of the vehicle has a staff workstation with fixed bench seating and work counter. There is also a fixed bench seat across from the entry stairs with a seatbelt for a staff member. A partition wall has been installed along with a plexiglass window with pass-thru for dispensing medication to patrons. A complete lavatory with dry flush toilet and sink is also included. The rear room in the interior has a swing out door, workstation with task stool and custom aluminum cabinetry.

Three low profile rooftop A/C units handle the cooling duties inside the vehicle along with a wall thermostat. A wall mounted electric heater is included along with two direct discharge gas-fired furnaces.

Vehicle Details

  • Ford F59 chassis
  • 7.3L V8 gasoline engine
  • 6-Speed TorqShift automatic transmission
  • Pull out star cassette
  • Color backup camera system
  • Lavatory with dryflush toilet and sink
  • Pressurized water supply system
  • Custom fabricated aluminum cabinets
  • (3) Ducted low profile rooftop A/C units
  • Wall thermostat
  • (1) Electric wall heater
  • 15kW liquid-cooled gas generator
  • Full vehicle surge suppression system
  • Shore power package
  • LED scene lighting
  • Brewer examination table
  • Medical floor scale
  • Welch Allyn wall diagnostic system
  • Glucometer and Accu Chek kit
  • Hemoglobin analyzer
  • Coagulation meter kit
  • Medical grade refrigerator
  • (2) Task stools
  • Pharmacy safe
  • Cradlepoint cellular router


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