Portsmouth Police dive team trailer
LDV dive trailer rear with ramp down

Portsmouth PD (VA) Dive Trailer

Portsmouth PD recently took delivery of this awesome custom dive trailer! The triple axle steel-framed trailer features a rooftop 2-rung ladder rack, reflective chevron pattern and emergency lights and siren for high visibility.

The dive trailer trailer also features adjustable shelving, providing Portsmouth PD the ability to change their storage according to their equipment needs. Polyester mesh cargo netting also helps to store specialty dive equipment during transportation. There are 3″ floor drains that drain directly outside of the trailer with no need for an additional waste tank. A galley kitchen area includes a 3.6 cu.ft. refrigerator and coffee maker. Custom-fabricated fixed bench seating with removable cushions and custom aluminum cabinets have been added for additional storage as well.

A Penco Invincible II lockers with aluminum drip pans provides a designated area for dive suits to dry. Heavy-duty hanging rods allow for dive suits to hang-dry, utilizing the 3″ floor drains inside the dive trailer. E-track also provides adjustability. Portsmouth is also utilizing a custom stainless steel countertop for heavy-duty durability.

SCUBA storage for 10 dive bottles features more adjustable shelves. There is also a cascade unit with booster pump. A Marinco 50A-125/250Vac shore power package is included while four AGM deep-cycle batteries have been installed in their own compartment. HVAC is handled by a 12″ power roof ventilator and two low-profile air conditioners with thermostats. When electric power is needed, a 12.5-kW generator in a custom-fabricated compartment has been installed. An 18′ automatic awning provides shade to those working outside the trailer.

Vehicle Details

  • Triple axle steel framed trailer
  • Reflective Chevron pattern
  • Galley with 3.6 cu.ft. refrigerator and coffee maker
  • Custom-fabricated fixed bench seating with removable cushions
  • Custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets
  • Polyester mesh cargo netting
  • Penco Invincible locker
  • Automatic 18′ awning
  • SCUBA fill system with cylinder storage
  • Marinco 50A-125/250Vac shore power package
  • (2) low-profile air conditioners with thermostats
  • 12″ power roof ventilator
  • 12.5-kW liquid-cooled diesel generator in custom-fabricated compartment
  • 60A-120/230Vac and 12Vdc combined electrical control panel
  • (4) AGM deep-cycle 6Vdc batteries


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