Placer County Sheriff (CA) EOD Unit

This bomb disposal unit was recently completed for the Placer County Sheriff in California. Built on a Freightliner M2 4×4 106 crew cab chassis, the vehicle features an 18ft. dry van body, Cummins B6.7L diesel engine and an Allison 2500EVS automatic transmission. We custom fabricated and installed our Extreme Duty body storage compartments into the body for gear. A custom folding robot ramp has been added to the rear of the vehicle. Entry into the vehicle interior is by curbside entry door. We integrated a Will-Burt Inflexion 2.3 roof mounted telescoping mast with Silent Sentinel Oculus camera equipment. We also added additional roof support to the body for the installation of the mast. A complete emergency lighting and siren package has been installed along with bright LED scene lighting. A custom fabricated weatherproof exterior workstation has been installed as well.

Inside, the bomb disposal unit features a hybrid video recorder and HDMI 4K matrix switcher to handle all of the video source feeds. We prewired the vehicle for communications radios. The interior has two workstations for staff. Custom aluminum cabinetry has been added for gear storage. Storage areas with adjustable shelving have been added with roll up doors for securement. Magnetic surface dry erase white boards have been installed in the interior as well. An overhead electronics rack houses the installed electronics. A curbside storage area features cargo netting and adjustable shelving. We also included an area with E-track for securing the robot or other large items.

Vehicle Details

  • Freightliner M2 4×4 106 Crew Cab chassis
  • Cummins B6.7L 260HP diesel engine
  • Allison 2500EVS automatic transmission
  • Custom all aluminum dry van body
  • Fold out robot ramp
  • Extreme Duty body storage compartments
  • LED scene lighting
  • Emergency lighting and siren package
  • (2) Interior workstations w/ spider base task chairs
  • Custom aluminum cabinetry
  • Magnetic surface dry erase white boards
  • Custom gear storage areas with roll up doors (2)
  • Gear storage area with cargo netting
  • Adjustable gear storage shelving
  • (2) ATF compliant day boxes
  • Overhead electronics rack
  • Weatherproof exterior workstation
  • E-track in storage area
  • Rooftop mounted mast with camera equipment
  • HDMI 4K matrix switcher
  • Prewired for communications radios
  • 2.7 cu. ft. refrigerator
  • Versatie tie down track with rings


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