Philadelphia Police Department Lab Vehicle

The Philadelphia Police Department took delivery of their versatile mobile lab vehicle. This mobile laboratory is built on a customer-supplied Ford F-550 diesel 4×4 crew cab. The front bumper has had a winch integrated along with a full grill guard kit.

Satin anodized aluminum-finish roll-up doors house adjustable shelves for equipment storage. The front roll-up compartment also houses a pullout tray, tool board, adjustable bins with Lexan covers, and rubber matting. Center transverse compartments also include a lift-up door and slide-out trays for easy access to equipment being stored. Some shelves include dividers to keep smaller items organized while stored and traveling to a scene. A custom-fabricated control panel has been added and includes the breakers for the generator and shore power. GFCI receptacles with weatherproof PVC covering have also been integrated throughout the vehicle body.

On the rear, a vented custom-fabricated generator compartment houses a 7.5-kW 120 volt AC generator. A Class III receiver hitch has also been installed for towing capabilities. For easy access to the generator box, a 12” Diamond plate rear bumper with recessed step has been fabricated. Emergency lights have been integrated throughout the exterior, including a customer-supplied light bar. A 120Vac light tower has been added to illuminate the scene when working at night. To assist with parking duties a color backup camera system has been added.

Vehicle Details

  • Ford F-550 Diesel 4×4 Crew Cab
  • Front winch bumper with full grill guard kit
  • Custom 12″ Diamond plate rear bumper with recessed step
  • Class III receiver hitch
  • Custom-fabricated center console
  • Satin anodized aluminum-finish roll-up doors
  • GFCI duplex receptacles with weatherproof PVC cover
  • Auto Eject shore power inlet
  • Custom aluminum control center
  • Emergency lights
  • Custom-fabricated all-aluminum generator compartment
  • 7.5-kW 120 volt AC generator
  • 120Vac light tower
  • Color backup camera system


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