Paul Akerboom's 20ft. Freightliner MT-55 Tool Truck


Paul Akerboom's new Freightliner MT-55 tool truck is sleek! The 20ft. all-aluminum construction is powered by a 6.0L gas engine and features a 2200 HS Allison automatic transmission with park pawl, hydraulic brakes, chrome bumper, and chrome heated mirrors.

Paul incorporated LDV's 5-shelf interior on the driver and passenger side of the vehicle along with LDV's VersaFlex interior system. Overstock bins provide additional inventory storage in this area as well. An angled carpeted hammer display sits above the black oak 22" wide single repair stack. Next to this is a black oak L-shaped workstation with lockable cash drawer, flip-down access for a printer, a wastebasket, and a 1.7 cu. ft. refrigerator for convenience. A window also provides additional natural light to the work area.

E-track has been used throughout the tool truck, making it easy to reconfigure displays as needed in the future. The tool truck also features three toolbox areas (88", 62", 42") with smooth plate for added protection. A split shelf has also been added above the 88" and 62" toolbox areas for additional display space. Above the 42" toolbox area are three removable shelves as well.

Electric power is supplied to the vehicle by a 5.5KW gas generator when needed. A security gate was added to the front of the vehicle, providing a way to keep the store area separate from the cab when the vehicle is parked. A 110 volt 15,000 BTU roof top A/C unit with Heat Pack keeps things cool in the summer while a 12,000 BTU gas fired furnace keeps things warm in the winter.


  • Freightliner MT-55
  • 5.5 KW gas generator
  • Black oak L-shaped workstation
  • Black oak 22″ wide single repair stack
  • Carpeted angled hammer display
  • Security gate
  • LDV’s 5-shelf interior on driver and passenger side
  • LDV’s VersaFlex interior system
  • Overstock storage drawers
  • 1.7 cu. ft. dual voltage refrigerator
  • 2,000lb. auto open/close all-aluminum lift gate
  • 110 volt 15,000 BTU roof top A/C unit with Heat Pack
  • 12,000 BTU gas fired furnace
  • Postitive/negative test panel
  • Hidden air tool strips
Everything went perfect for me. Jeff is very good at what he does, and I would highly recommend him and LDV.
Chris Dacus
Jonesboro, Arkansas
My best buying experience ever. Thank you Ray!
Tom Kies
Concord, NC
Quality of the truck was excellent. Ray was very helpful.
Steve Pino
Meredith, NH
"There were a lot of ideas that I had and a lot of things that I knew I wanted, but didn't know how to do. Ray and I worked together to figure it out. He was absolutely fantastic …
Mike Elliott
Potosi, MO
Michael Kidd's 22' Freightliner MT-55 Custom Tool Truck
Michael Kidd
Rome, OH
With my new truck, there's a huge difference in customer flow. Now, I can stay out of the way and not be standing in the aisle. This makes a big, big difference in how they shop and how long they shop …
Kevin Schram
Gillette, WY
Thanks again Ray, as always the service is unparalleled. I want to again thank you, Pete and the rest of the LDV staff for getting me my new truck in the fastest possible manner. After a horrific accident where my truck was totaled, I was up and running …
John Corvi
Peoria, AZ
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