Malta House of Care (CT) Mobile Medical Vehicle


Malta House of Care (CT) recently took delivery of their spacious new mobile medical vehicle! The vehicle is a 40ft. Ford F-53 front engine gas chassis with a Triton V10 320HP engine and a TorqShift 6-Speed 6R140 automatic transmission. An LDV coach is used for the body of this mobile medical vehicle as well, affording Malta House a generous amount of space to work and treat patients. For power, a Wrico 12-kW 120/240Vac liquid-cooled gasoline generator provides power and is housed in a custom-fabricated compartment. A Marinco shore power package has also been included along with a battery combiner and 2 deep-cycle 6Vdc batteries housed in a weather resistant compartment. INTERIOR The interior of the vehicle boasts a tasteful color scheme throughout. There is a front and rear exam room, both of which include an exam table, a flip-down EKG shelf, cabinets, laminate countertops, a sink, a Brewer task stool, and flip-down bench seating. The front exam room also features a hinged step well cover for safety and to create additional floor space. A Covoc curtain with aluminum track allows the driver area to be hidden from view while the front exam room is in use. The middle room features a small counter and customer-supplied AED cabinet along with fixed bench seats with file cabinets underneath for additional storage. A lavatory with toilet, sink, mirror, and overhead cabinet provides convenience for both patients and staff. Custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets are found throughout the vehicle providing ample storage space including dual slide out trays for a customer supplied printer/copier. Fixed bench seating with removable cushions for additional storage have been added to this mobile medical vehicle as well. EXTERIOR On the exterior, an automatic electric steel entry step with a custom-fabricated fold-out stainless steel handrail is used to access the vehicle. A Braun UVL Series wheelchair lift has been integrated into the body along with a 46" wide wheelchair access door and a scene light provides light while the lift is in use. The control for the wheelchair lift is housed in its own box next to the access door. A Dometic 9100 Series awning provides shade and protection from inclement weather over the entry doors. For HVAC, 3 ducted Coleman Polar Mach 8 series low-profile air conditioner units keep things cool while a 13,600 BTU direct discharge gasoline-fired furnace keeps things warm in the winter months. Whelen scene lights help illuminate the outside perimeter of the vehicle. Exterior storage compartments have been added to the body for additional storage as well. A one-touch automatic leveling system has also been added, ensuring this mobile medical vehicle will sit level no matter where it is parked. Learn more about our other mobile medical vehicles: HERE.


  • Ford F-53 front engine gas chassis
  • Triton V10 320HP engine
  • TorqShift 6-Speed Automatic
  • Custom-fabricated fold out stainless steel handrail
  • Automatic electric steel entry step
  • 2 medical grade refrigerators
  • 2 exam rooms with exam tables
  • 2 flip-down EKG shelves
  • Fixed bench seating
  • Custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets
  • Pressurized galley and lavatory water system
  • Lavatory with toilet, sink, mirror, and overhead cabinet
  • Slide-out tray for customer-supplied printer/copier
  • Hinged step well cover in front exam room
  • 3 ducted low-profile air conditioners with thermostat
  • Dometic 9100 Series awning
  • Quadra Mfg. Bigfoot automatic one-touch leveling system
  • Braun UVL Series wheelchair lift
  • 46″ wide wheelchair access door
  • 13,600 BTU direct discharge gasoline-fired furnace
  • Folding coat hook
  • Whelen scene lights
  • Wrico 12-kW liquid-cooled gasoline generator
  • Marinco shore power package
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