Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office (LA) SWAT Vehicle

This SWAT vehicle is built with a Ford F550 chassis and has a 7.3L V8 gasoline engine. This vehicle is built with a 10-speed Torq Shift automatic transmission with overdrive. A color backup camera system has been included. A side entry door has been installed on the curb side of the vehicle’s body. Two exterior storage compartments for additional gear storage have also been installed on curb and street side. A custom fabricated flip-down aluminum step has been added on the rear bumper to provide access to the vehicle through the rear entry door.

Inside the cab area is a custom fabricated console. A crawl through space provides access from the cab of the vehicle to the body. Once inside the vehicle, there is bench seating with storage underneath and overhead grab rails for grip when the vehicle is in motion. Overhead cabinets, ballistic blanket storage, and a fixed shelf are also added. There is a work area, magnetic dry erase board, communications radios, and a flip-down laminate countertop. Next to the work area are adjustable shelves which are secured with a lockable aluminum roll-up door.

HVAC is handled by a low profile air conditioner and 5,600 Btu/hr heat strip. Exterior, interior, and ready jump lights have been added. Providing electric power to the vehicle when needed is a 5.5-kW 120 volt AC generator mounted inside a custom fabricated all aluminum compartment. Pre-wire and installation provisions have been made for a customer installed radio.

Vehicle Details

  • Ford F-550 4×4 chassis
  • Crawl through access from cab to body
  • Aluminum flip-down step on rear bumper
  • Custom fabricated console in cab
  • Color backup camera system
  • Entry door on curbside and rear
  • (2) Exterior storage compartments
  • Custom fabricated foot rails
  • Overhead aluminum grab rails
  • Bench seating with storage underneath
  • Interior overhead cabinets
  • Ballistic blanket storage
  • Adjustable shelves with a lockable aluminum roll-up door
  • (1) Fixed shelf
  • Work area
  • Communications radio
  • Pre-wire and installation provisions for a customer installed radio
  • (1) Low profile air conditioner
  • (1) 5,600 Btu/hr heat strip
  • 5.5-kW 120 volt AC generator mounted in custom fabricated compartment
  • Exterior, interior, and ready jump lights


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