Gloucester Township (NJ) Mobile Communications Vehicle

The Gloucester Township Police Department chose LDV to create their mobile communications vehicle. Opting for a Freightliner MT-55 with a Cummins 300HP engine and Allison 2200 EVS automatic transmission with park pawl with PTO provision, they were able to combine plenty of power while customizing for their department’s needs. The department added two of LDV’s industry-exclusive flat-floor slide-outs to maximize the interior space of their communications vehicle. To control the slide-outs as well as other vehicle systems such as HVAC, generators, and awnings, Gloucester Township chose to incorporate a multiplex vehicle system.

The front conference area includes a fixed conference table with a flip-up leaf to accommodate up to six spider base chairs. Flip-down bench seating, monitors, and custom aluminum cabinets have also been added to the front conference room. In the center of the vehicle is a generous electronics rack, two cafe-style seats with monitors for surveying the vehicle’s surroundings, custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets, and a slide-out tray for a printer/copier/scanner. Smooth silver FRP covered pocket doors have been installed on a heavy-duty track to create separation between the different areas of the vehicle when needed. The rear of the vehicle features another fixed conference table and two spider base chairs. Fixed bench seating has been fabricated with removable cushions to provides seating and additional storage space. Two workstations feature dual monitors, telephones, communications radios, and network jacks.

On the exterior, a generous awning provides cover to those utilizing the weatherproof exterior monitor or entering and exiting the vehicle. A 25kW liquid-cooled diesel generator provides power to the vehicle when needed and is housed in its own custom-built compartment. Two telescoping tripod lights have been added to the rear for illuminating a scene when needed. For surveillance purposes, a heavy-duty, non-locking telescoping pneumatic mast has been installed on the rear of the vehicle, allowing the department to keep watch over their surroundings. An access ladder provides roof access when needed for maintenance or surveillance. To assist with parking duties, a color back-up camera system has been installed.

Vehicle Details

  • Freightliner MT-55 forward control chassis
  • Allison 2200 EVS automatic transmission with park pawl with PTO provision
  • (2) flat-floor slide-out rooms
  • Overhead console with lockable storage doors
  • (2) pocket doors covered in silver smooth FRP
  • Nightscan light tower
  • Multiplex vehicle system with (2) LCD touch screens
  • Fixed bench seating with removable cushions
  • Flip-down bench seating
  • Fixed conference table with flip-up table leaf
  • (10) custom-fabricated aluminum-framed dry erase boards
  • Custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets
  • Weatherproof exterior monitor
  • 25kW liquid-cooled diesel generator
  • (3) ducted low-profile air conditioners
  • (2) direct discharge diesel-fired furnaces
  • (1) wall-mount electric heater
  • Color back-up camera system
  • Heavy-duty non-locking telescoping pneumatic mast


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