Florida Power & Light Mobile Command Center

Florida Power & Light chose a Freightliner M2 Extended Cab for their mobile command center. Their mobile command center features two flat-floor slide-out rooms to increase the interior area of the vehicle. These slide-outs are controlled by LDV’s Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system which can also automate other vehicle systems such as HVAC, generators, leveling systems, and more.

A crawl-thru from the cab enters into a combination conference/communication area including six workstations and conference table with seating for eight. The center area holds two network racks. Custom-fabricated aluminum cabinets have been installed for additional interior storage. At the rear of the truck is a galley complete with a fridge, microwave, and coffeemaker. A lavatory with fold-down aluminum box pan shelves is located at the rear of the vehicle. A first aid station is also located in the rear area.

On the exterior, a weatherproof workstation has been integrated into the body including a 55” monitor, phone, fold-down work table, and LED strip lighting. A surround surveillance system provides staff with the ability to keep watch over the area they are stationed at. To access the roof, a ladder has been installed in the lavatory area. HVAC is powered by three low-profile air conditioner units and two wall-mounted electric heaters. A 25-kW generator provides electric power to the vehicle from its custom-fabricated generator compartment.

Vehicle Details

  • Freightliner M2 Extended Cab
  • Two 120″ slide-outs
  • Exterior storage areas
  • 25kW 120/240Vac liquid-cooled diesel generator
  • Heavy duty one-touch leveling system
  • (2) heavy-duty non-locking telescopic pneumatic masts
  • Night Scan Powerlight LED light tower with dual tilt
  • Multi-camera surveillance system
  • Weatherproof exterior workstation with 55″ HDTV
  • Intel-I-Touch™ multiplex system with (2) LCD touch screens
  • Roof access ladder located in lavatory
  • Galley with mini fridge, microwave, sink and storage
  • Coleman Mach 8 low-profile a/c units
  • (6) workstations with conference table in center of room


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