Conoco Phillips Field Service Truck (AK)

Built on a Kenworth T270 conventional cab chassis, this field service vehicle features a PACCAR PX-7 diesel engine with 300HP and an Allison 2500HS automatic transmission. Heavy duty front and rear axles are part of this build along with Bridgestone M843 front tires and M770 rear tires for additional traction. The engine is equipped with a heavy duty block heater to aid starting in extreme cold temperatures in Alaska. The custom all aluminum dry van body has our extreme duty body storage compartments integrated. One of the compartments has a GFCI receptacle cord reel  as well as a spring return air hose reel. We also fabricated a compartment for an indirect fired heater which also has a rear flip down entry door for connection of the heater trunk. This heater is utilized to blow warm air into the engine compartment of vehicles in their fleet to aid startup during extreme cold. Entry into the vehicle is by swing out curbside or rear door. Each door features a custom fabricated door holder to hold the door(s) in a fixed open position. The rear bumper is an extended length rear bumper with three step surfaces. The lower step is a custom fabricated flip down. There are bright LED driving lights with custom mesh grill guards on the front bumper. We sprayed the hood and front bumper flat back to minimize glare. Bright LED scene lights are included as well as an amber rooftop beacon. All inside walls feature spray in foam insulation to R-7 rating.

Inside, the field service vehicle features a front galley with refrigerator and microwave. A butcher block counter top has also been installed. Custom fabricated aluminum cabinets have also been installed throughout with gloss black powder coat. The work surfaces are durable butcher block wrapped in 14ga steel and powder coated in a textured finished. Laced pegboard has been installed at the rear work area. A custom fabricated wire spool rack is also installed. Bright LED undercabinet lighting is included. We custom fabricated adjustable aluminum box pan shelving for additional storage. A large Snap-on® tool box with casters removed has been installed on a base towards the front of the vehicle interior.  A ladder storage area is included towards the rear of the interior. Custom fabricated fluid storage tanks include a fill port, sight glass and a spigot. An aluminum drip pan is included underneath the fluid containers.

Electricity is supplied to the truck by an Onan Commercial Quiet 10kW diesel generator in a custom fabricated all aluminum compartment. Electrical systems are protected by a full vehicle surge suppression system.

Vehicle Details

  • Kenworth T270 conventional cab chassis
  • PACCAR PX-7 diesel engine
  • Allison 2500HS automatic transmission
  • Engine block heater
  • LED driving lamps with mesh grill covers
  • Flat black hood for glare resistance
  • Bridgestone M843/M770 tires for additional traction
  • LED scene lighting
  • Extreme Duty body storage compartments
  • Indirect fired heater for warming vehicles for startup
  • Heater trunk hose
  • GFCI hose reel
  • Air hose reel
  • Step grates at entry door
  • Custom fabricated rear bumper
  • Fixed position door bars
  • Snap-on toolbox
  • Butcher block counter top
  • Black powder coated aluminum storage cabinets
  • 14ga wrapped work surfaces
  • Custom wire spool rack
  • LED interior lighting
  • Onboard air compressor
  • Fluid storage tanks (5)
  • Dayton benchtop sander
  • Wilton bench vise
  • Onan 10kW diesel generator


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