City of Racine (WI) Mobile Voting Booth


This mobile voting vehicle was designed and built on a Ford F59 chassis with a 7.3L gasoline engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The all aluminum body features curbside and rear entry into the vehicle. The rear bumper has a custom fabricated flip down aluminum step for easy access into the interior. We also installed LED scene lighting and a power retracting awning for shade.   Inside, the vehicle has a front waiting area with custom flip down bench seat along with a cafe-style work area with fixed bench seats. Custom aluminum cabinets provide storage for voting ballots and other necessities. The rear of the vehicle has five voting stations and a ballot drop box. LED interior lighting is used throughout.   Electric power is supplied by an Onan Commercial Quiet 7kW generator. There are dual low profile rooftop A/C units with wall thermostat to keep the interior cool in the summer along with dual direct discharge furnaces for heat. A shore power receptacle is also included for plugging the vehicle in for longer periods.


  • Ford F59 chassis
  • All aluminum body
  • 7.3L gasoline engine
  • 6-speed automatic transmission
  • Onan 7kW generator
  • LED scene lighting
  • Flip down rear step on bumper
  • LED interior lighting
  • Fixed bench seats at cafe work area
  • Flip-down bench seats in waiting area
  • Custom aluminum cabinets
  • Laminate counter tops
  • Ballot drop box
  • Power retractable awning
"LDV was a joy to work with. We had a great working relationship with them. They were consistently quick...
Christine Kujawa & Keli McDonald
Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library
Thank you all for being a really great company to work with. This has been an enjoyable process on this end.
Kitty Berner
FNSB Library Bookmobile – Fairbanks, AK
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