Billy Lewis's 24ft. Freightliner M2 Tool Truck


Check out this packed tool truck! Billy Lewis chose LDV to create his new 24ft. Freightliner M2 tool truck with a setback entry door. The vehicle is also powered by a Cummins 6.7L engine, Allison 2500 HS automatic transmission, air brakes, and an air suspension with a manual dump valve. This all-aluminum construction also boasts a 2,000lb. all-aluminum lift gate with an integrated cart stop and auto open/close feature.

Between the cab and store area is a sliding, lockable security door to secure the store when the vehicle is parked. Billy also chose to integrate step grates into the entryway steps of this tool truck, helping to keep grit and grime at bay. ABS literature racks have also been added to the entry way for additional display space while a soap display has been added above the entry door.Heavy duty vinyl Loncoin non-slip flooring has been used for durability and easy clean-up.

Inside the vehicle is a ColorCore double repair stack with a carpeted hammer rack. Gray slatwall and four diagnostic display cradles are also found in this area. On the side of the stack is also a jack display and pry bar display. Across from this is the ColorCore L-shaped workstation with a lockable cash box, a lighted knife display on the side. The central vac has also been installed in this area, making clean up of the vehicle a snap. There are three toolbox areas (88", 62", 44") with E-track and swirl plate. Above the 88" toolbox area are four lighted promo shelves installed on E-track while the 44" area includes three lighted removable shelves. Billy also added a bank of twelve VersaFlex drawers and floor overstock bins for additional inventory storage.


  • Freightliner M2
  • Bumper valance
  • Step grates
  • Extra marker lights
  • Central Vac
  • Slatwall diagnostic cradles
  • ColorCore workstation
  • ColorCore shelving
  • 5-shelf interior with VersaFlex
  • ColorCore split shelves
  • Knife case on workstation
  • 2,000lb. all-aluminum lift gate
  • Loncoin flooring
  • Additional promo shelves
  • Swirl plate
  • Monitor on rear door
"My favorite part is how LDV lets you customize your truck to fit your exact needs in every way and they not come back and try to charge you more $$ for making it your way. Pete (Madsen) listens to every single idea and concern and addressed them, making the whole process smooth. The value of these trucks, to me, is amazing."
Mark Diaz
Snap-on Tools
"Sam was excellent in getting my truck setup exactly the way I wanted couldn't be happier with how it turned out!"
Steven Ford
New Ringgold, Pennsylvania
"Very impressive operation and customer care. It's been nice seeing you grow over the years. We are looking forward to our next truck upgrade already."
Harold Johnson
Irving, TX
"You guys rock! Best truck in the industry."
John Davis
Fayetteville, Georgia
"Great people, great product. Very satisfied with my purchase."
Mark Cheely
Brodnax, Virginia
I think everyone in my experience did a fine job at LDV. I have been with Snap-on for 27 years. This truck is the best one yet. All 7 of my trucks have come from LDV.
John Phares
Bloomington, IN
Just wanted to say thanks again for the tool truck. The workmanship is excellent and I appreciate the time you spent helping me. "Team LDV" service is also excellent.
John Mancuso
Oak Ridge, NJ
What everyone says about old dealers not buying new trucks, it's not true. I buy a new truck every 7 or 8 years. It freshens up your business - it's motivating, especially if you have to drive the thing every day.
Don Kavalle
Alta Loma, CA
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