ATF National Response Team EOD/Fire Investigation Vehicle Retrofits


As part of an on-going vehicle retrofit project, we are updating these National Response Team Explosives and Fire Investigation vehicles for the ATF. We added a new emergency light bar to the roof of the cabs, new monitor on a swivel mount inside the cab, new exterior workstation with large display monitor, reconfigured an exterior storage compartment and added mounts for gear, added LED lighting to the body interior, added charging station, added various display monitor connections, replaced the tripod light heads with brighter and more efficient LED heads, new A/C unit inside the body of the vehicle and added a new power retractable awning to the street side of each vehicle.   This project showcases LDV's ability to update and improve an existing vehicle by retrofitting with modern technology. To learn more about our commitment to vehicle retrofits, call our special service vehicles sales department: 800-558-5986.
"We are extremely happy with both of our LDV-built trucks. We have already recommended other Departments check-out LDV for their custom vehicle needs."
Deputy Chief Marty Bender
Fort Wayne Police Department
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