Abu Dhabi Police Small Search EOD Vehicles

The Abu Dhabi Police created a fleet of small search EOD vehicles for their department. To meet Abu Dhabi’s specifications, part of this project entailed reconfiguring sections of the GMC Denali Yukon interiors. This includes removing the third row bench seating and seat belts to create space for the equipment storage tray and components.

A dash camera with a custom GoPro mount has been installed to record video in real time while out. On the driver’s side A-pillar, a battery monitor has also been added for easy monitoring of the auxiliary batteries. Custom cut running boards house an auto eject shore power inlet. A battery inverter has been installed in the back by the equipment tray. The auxiliary battery system features a battery combiner and inverter/charger that will charge both the chassis and auxiliary battery when AC power is available and provides inverted power from the auxiliary battery when the ignition is engaged. A discreet emergency lighting has been integrated throughout the vehicle, including two mounted to the front and back windshields. A high performance speaker was also mounted behind the front bumper and grill.

The custom sliding equipment storage tray includes a Nylon cargo restraints with buckles, sliding aluminum cover on the top, and foam inserts and non-slip drawer liners to keep equipment safe during transport. A 12Vdc refrigerator has also been integrated into the front of this sliding tray as well. LED strip lighting has been wired into the vehicle’s light system to illuminate the tray when the trunk or doors are open. To aid in reaching equipment strapped to the top of the equipment tray, a portable folding step stool has been included as well. A convex mirror has been installed on the interior trunk door to aid in seeing the top of the sliding tray as well. The latch release mechanism also features a new design, creating smooth deployment of the tray when needed.

Vehicle Details

  • GMC Denali Yukon XL
  • Custom slide-out tray with storage shelf and rack
  • Sliding aluminum top cover for slide-out tray
  • Nylon cargo restraining straps with buckles
  • LED strip lighting on the sides and top of the sliding tray
  • Convex mirror for viewing top of sliding tray
  • 12Vdc refrigerator
  • Dash camera with custom GoPro mount
  • Custom running boards with integrated Auto Eject shore power inlet
  • Portable folding step stool for access to top of equipment tray
  • Dual auxiliary battery disconnect system
  • Battery inverter/charger
  • Battery combiner
  • Discreet emergency lighting package
  • High performance emergency speaker


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