St. Bernard Health Mobile Pediatric Clinic

I thank all of the people I met at LDV. Each individual I met really understands customer service, and making a person feel comfortable. My observation was nothing but spectacular at all stages involved. Each person communicates on a level that allows the customer to fully understand the commitment to excellence LDV requires. Each and every time I met with Cory he was never pushy or had the famous (I must close this deal syndrome). He was always of course concerned but never ever over the top sales nervous. Nate the great understands the engineering aspect of sales excellence and has the correct attitude and disposition to keep time tables for the projects to stay focused for completion. Ruth the calming voice on the phone ensures all is on point, and let’s not forget “Just Bob,” as he calls himself, he delivers the final and most important piece of the pie. Nothing but a class act from top to bottom. The CEO of the company should be proud to have employees like yourselves. Those that I have not named please give them my regards of a JOB WELL DONE and I will continue to guide programs that are in need of Mobile Units to LDV. I will send pics soon of the new van in action.