Tool Truck Vehicle Resources

Tool Truck Vehicle Resources

After decades of building and maintaining tool trucks, we have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge. View our helpful resources for more information.

MT-55 Franchise Vehicle Video Manual


MT-55 Franchise Vehicle Video Manual

MT-55 Franchise Video Manual: Alarm System

MT-55 Franchise Video Manual: Audio/Visual

MT-55 Franchise Video Manual: Body Overview

MT-55 Franchise Video Manual: Chassis

MT-55 Franchise Video Manual: Electrical Overview

MT-55 Franchise Video Manual: HVAC System

MT-55 Franchise Video Manual: Liftgate Operation

MT-55 Franchise Video Manual: Safety Features

MT-55 Franchise Video Manual: VersaFlex Interior

After Sales Support


After Sales Support

We stand by our products, and respond to every call, 24 hours a day. With specialized technical knowledge and unmatched expertise, our LDV Service Team members speak directly to the user to determine the problem and provide immediate specialty vehicle solutions.

Nothing is more important to us than keeping our customers on the road. As a result, when a problem cannot be solved over the phone, an LDV Service Technician is deployed to the scene to help remedy the situation as soon as possible.

When you purchase an LDV tool truck, we’ll be there 24/7 to ensure you receive the most specialized and prompt support in the industry.

Contact our specialty vehicle solutions department online for more information or call 1.800.558.5986 for immediate assistance.

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Responsive Customer Support

Anticipating and addressing customer demands upfront, we begin each relationship with a great buying experience and continue supporting you from pre-build, through the build process, and long after the sale. Any time you call us, we answer.