ACC Climate 25031 Series Condenser



ACC Climate Control Air Conditioning Condenser – 25031A001B, 12-Volt with (2) 14-Inch diameter fans to cover a higher percentage of the coil moving more air. The high performance motor is equipped with extended life brushes. The motor shafts are sealed to the case and the case is sealed with Viton O-rings to provide superior water resistance.

  • Counter flow coil circuitry and cross hatching the internal tube wall, maximizes the refrigerant heat rejection and provides superior sub-cooling.
  • The unit is fabricated from 16-gallon. A-60 galvanealed steel with the individual metal components being finished using an E-Kote epoxy coating for superior duribility and resistance to rust. 78000 BTU/HR; 2500 CFM
  • Item number 22020049