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As part of our mission to keep you on the road, you can rely on LDV as your one-stop shop for aftermarket parts and accessories. Our dedicated sales specialists have in-depth knowledge of your mobile tool truck replacement part needs. With a large inventory of parts in-stock, we can ship many replacements same day, ensuring we keep you on the road, selling tools! Return, Warranty & Freight Policy

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3″ Snap-on Logo Hood Ornament (Stainless)
Snap-on “S” Symbol 10″
Wheel Simulator Sets – Fits 8-Lug, 19.5″ Wheel
Wheel Simulator Sets – Fits MT-55 with Setback Side Door, 22.5″ Wheel
Wheel Simulator Sets – Fits 6-Lug 19.5″ Wheel
Mud Flap
Mud Flap