Tool Truck Customer Focus – Brian Barker

In this blog we feature one of many customer’s awesome tool truck designs. Highlighting Brain Barker’s killer…


SWAT and Tactical Vehicles

LDV has been designing and building SWAT and tactical units since our early beginnings. These custom vehicles range…


Careers with Custom Vehicles

Building custom trucks (and trailers) requires talented employees in many different areas. We are proud to employ…


Explosive Features for Your New Bomb Disposal/EOD Vehicle

Bomb Disposal and EOD vehicles are incredibly important to the communities they serve. These vehicles are deployed…


Geary Goes Green with GreenPower™

Our April Tool Truck Monthly customer feature on Steven Geary’s new 24-foot Freightliner MT-55 was a must-do for…



Working with wood requires patience, attention to detail and incredible skill. You have to understand the material…

06/11/2024 articles

In The News

In today's blog, we highlight some recent vehicle builds in the news.
06/05/2024 articles

LDV’s Retrofit Service

Older doesn't mean obsolete! Often, older vehicles have been well maintained but just need technology updates to make them current with today's needs. Well, if you bought your vehicle here, our Retrofit Service can help!
11/21/2023 articles

Careers with Custom Vehicles

Today's blog talks about careers building custom vehicles. Rewarding jobs with incredible people creating cool custom trucks.
11/01/2023 articles

Explosive Features for Your New Bomb Disposal/EOD Vehicle

LDV breaks down some of these features you should seriously considering incorporating into your new vehicle.
08/14/2023 articles

The Talented Team Responsible for These Trucks

It takes a talented team to create our custom vehicles. Hear from them what it takes to make these trucks legendary.
LDV vehicle detailers
06/05/2023 Articles

Team LDV: Focus on the Details

Custom vehicles are much like building a new house. It all starts with a need. We work with our customers to design the vehicle, make edits and review change orders and ultimately the construction...
03/22/2023 Articles

A 42 Year Career Creating Custom Vehicles

Highlighting an employee’s lengthy career and their contributions to our company is tough. Where do we begin? What memories do we share? What projects do we talk about? These questions are even tougher when...
02/15/2023 Articles

Team LDV: The Builders

It's no secret that our custom vehicles are complex. From the design through the delivery, we rely on so many different talented people to create these world class vehicles. Much like building a house, our custom vehicles...
11/10/2022 Articles

Team LDV: Electrical Installation Technicians

Custom vehicles are complex. Each of our build crews include a specialized front end builder we call: Electrical Installation Technician. Keep reading to learn more about their role in the custom vehicle process.
LDV 3D immersive interior of a mobile command center
07/05/2022 Articles

From Wood, Wires and Metal to 1’s and 0’s

The shift to virtual: LDV adds 3D immersive environments to view custom vehicle interiors online.
04/18/2022 Articles

BUILT BETTER: A Tale of 2 Build Crews

Two different build crews, two different types of vehicles. These talented team members talk about what goes into the construction of LDV custom vehicles.
01/19/2022 Articles

GreenPower™: LDV’s Multi-Source Power Plant

What is renewable energy? Renewable energy, often referred to as clean energy, comes from natural sources or processes that are constantly replenished. The demand for renewable or “clean” energy has grown at a rapid rate over the last few decades and custom and commercial vehicles are no exception.

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