02/14/2024 articles

Welding Strong Bonds & Futures

Here at LDV, our Fabrication Department is responsible for bringing everything together, quite literally.
02/07/2024 articles

8,000 Square Miles, One Truck and a Full Tank of Hope

Kern County Department of Human Services is relying on their new LDV-built mobile office to help thousands of people in underserved areas throughout the 8,000 square mile area.
01/10/2024 articles

Graphics On The Go

Make your custom truck stand out with vehicle graphics.
12/13/2023 articles

Well Equipped Equipment Vehicles

Equipment vehicles can be designed with custom cabinetry, compartments and more to fit your needs. We highlight some recent builds in today's blog.
11/21/2023 articles

Careers with Custom Vehicles

Today's blog talks about careers building custom vehicles. Rewarding jobs with incredible people creating cool custom trucks.
11/01/2023 articles

3 Recent Feature-Packed Deliveries

October was an action-packed month for medical deliveries! We highlight these trucks and some of the features that make them shine.
11/01/2023 articles

Explosive Features for Your New Bomb Disposal/EOD Vehicle

LDV breaks down some of these features you should seriously considering incorporating into your new vehicle.
08/14/2023 articles

The Talented Team Responsible for These Trucks

It takes a talented team to create our custom vehicles. Hear from them what it takes to make these trucks legendary.
08/03/2023 articles

Makati City launches mobile library for students, constituents

MANILA, Philippines —  The city of Makati on Monday launched a mobile library to provide students and residents with free reading and learning materials...
08/03/2023 articles

Must-Haves for Your Medical Vehicle

Mobile medical vehicles bring care to patients in communities far and wide. They provide access to medical services to those who would have to go without...
06/21/2023 articles

IN THE NEWS: Waukesha Mobile Command Center Unites Police, Fire Crews, Dispatch

New Waukesha Mobile Command Center unites first responders
LDV vehicle detailers
06/05/2023 Articles

Team LDV: Focus on the Details

Custom vehicles are much like building a new house. It all starts with a need. We work with our customers to design the vehicle, make edits and review change orders and ultimately the construction...

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