Winslow Indian Health Care Center

Winslow Indian Health Care Center recently took delivery of their brand new mobile medical vehicle which will provide high-quality medical care to eight different chapters in the southwest region of the Navajo Nation. Their main focus is providing exceptional medical and preventive care while reaching patients who would otherwise live too remotely to obtain these services. This is their second LDV-built vehicle, with the first being a mobile dental clinic they created to bring easily-accessible dental care to their area.

WIHCC began as a tuberculosis sanatorium in 1931 until the facility was turned into a hospital in 1948. This became its main purpose until 1977 when it was converted into an ambulatory health care facility, which it has remained. Most recently, a new Medical Office Building was designed and built on their campus in 2014, all through the use of WIHCC-generated income. The new facility offers a multitude of services including primary care, dental, pharmacy, public health nursing, physical therapy, and specialty services among others to those living within the area and its border towns. WIHCC is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, meaning they continually meet or exceed the nationally-recognized standards set by the association. While the organization has gone through many changes, one constant that has remained is the high standard of care that they provide.

Through their Public Health Nursing Program, WIHCC ensures patients are able to obtain the medical and preventive care needed to stay healthy, no matter their income or how remotely they live. During the planning process of their mobile medical vehicle, WIHCC’s main concern was keeping the vehicle’s layout patient-focused. To allow all of their patients easy access to the interior, they included a Braun UVL series wheelchair lift. This lift recesses into the body of the vehicle allowing for convenient storage as well as maximizing the available interior space in their rear exam room. The entry features steps that are also integrated into the exterior of the vehicle with their own narrow profile cassette housing, a fold-out handrail and bright LED scene lights that activate when the door opens.

The functional interior design of WIHCC’s medical vehicle also thoroughly reflects the experience of a brick-and-mortar medical office into a mobile setting. With a distinct waiting area complete with a lavatory, a rear exam room, and a lab area for blood draws, patients who use the vehicle feel like they are in an office. The tasteful color palette found inside also helps create a calm atmosphere for their patients. A staff area with a galley kitchen has been incorporated into the front of the vehicle and can be made private through the use of a pocket door. The colorful graphic wrap used on the vehicle perfectly displays WIHCC’s roots and main focus while capturing the attention of any street it drives down.

Winslow Indian Health Care Center crafted a mobile medical vehicle that will truly help them reach out to their most vulnerable patients for years to come. You can visit the Winslow Indian Health Care Center website to learn more about the services they offer while taking an even deeper dive into their fascinating history.

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Photo Credit: Winslow Indian Health Care Center