We’ve Got Your Back

LDV’s Parts Department Helps Customers Keep Their Vehicles on the Road

LDV understands your vehicle is your livelihood. It needs to be on the road whether you’re selling tools or servicing your community. Which is why we keep thousands of parts on hand. But it’s not enough to have the parts on site, you also need people who understand your vehicle inside and out and how important it is to keep it in service. That’s why LDV is committed to having a second-to-none, knowledgeable Parts Department to help you identify what you need and get it shipped to you quickly.


“You’re going to want to find a place that you’re going to be able to get your aftermarket needs. With parts, there’s not a lot out there that will do as much as LDV does for their customers.”

– Suzette, Parts Sales Development Manager


With the different components and configurations in LDV’s many different custom vehicles it can sometimes feel as though there is a puzzle needing to be solved. Custom vehicles are made up of thousands of pieces of equipment from grab handles and LED lights to shore power cords and battery combiners. Our Parts Department fields calls every day from customers with many different types of inquiries. Wondering which Wheel Simulators you need? They can identify which set will correctly fit your vehicle. Need help locating a replacement scene light for your vehicle’s exterior? Parts has your back.


“Their job is their livelihood so we have to make sure that they keep going. We try to get the parts as quick as possible for them.”

– Danni, Catalog Parts Sales



Our Parts Department works in tandem with other departments around LDV and the suppliers we work with as well. Has your vehicle been involved in an accident? The Parts department will work with the body and chassis companies to ensure you receive all of the components you need when they arrive so your repairs can be made. Whether it’s helping to create a promotion for parts that will be on sale or having our Service Department assist customers with technical questions about their vehicles, they are team players all around.


LDV’s Parts Department ensures our customers receive the right parts they need, when they need it. If you’re in need of replacement parts for your custom vehicle or have questions, feel free to reach out to them today.