Welding Strong Bonds & Futures

Here at LDV, our Fabrication Department is responsible for bringing everything together, quite literally. They cut, weld and bend metal to create features to be installed in different vehicles, install our house made parts such as running boards and battery boxes, and so more. Plus, they are responsible for many of our industry-exclusive features like our flat floor slide-outs, exterior workstations, pull out aluminum stairs and more. Without these talented team members, our custom trucks wouldn’t be what they are today.

So who are these talented team members? Below, we take a moment to get to know a couple of our Fabricator/Welders.

Dean has been highlighted several times in the past in our videos, blogs and social media posts, for anyone paying attention. His job title calls him a Fabricator/Welder responsible for exterior storage boxes, monitor compartments, handrails and more. His years of experience are a huge asset to LDV, as he possesses a lot of different fabrication skills throughout the shop. Dean can perform both MIG and TIG welding on aluminum and stainless steel which is critical for the different types of projects he works on daily.

“Every day is different here, which I love because I’m always working on something unique and it makes my day fly by. When I look at the board with different projects it’s never the same. The people here are great and the work environment is fantastic as well,” Dean mentioned.

“Dean has so much experience and is a seasoned LDV employee. His precision, accuracy, attention to detail, and willingness and ability to build anything we need makes him an invaluable asset to LDV’s Fabrication shop,” says Todd W., Production Supervisor.

Have you been trying to break into the trades but don’t have much (or any) experience? Have a great attitude, willingness to learn and want to work on cool stuff every day? No need to worry! LDV is ready to train you, ensuring you have the tools you need to perform your job to the best of your (new) abilities.

Our next employee feature is Taylor who had no experience working in a professional fabrication shop when he started but quickly acquired new, invaluable skills thanks to his co-workers.

“I came here straight out of high school, so I had no experience working in a shop. Everyone who trained me was extremely helpful. I was also able to train in almost every area in the shop, so I already have that experience. Even now, if I have a question I can go to anyone and know they’ll be able to help me out; it’s a great company,” said Taylor P., Fabricator/Welder.

“Taylor is another seasoned employee with the drive and desire to push to be better and faster. He started with no experience and has really risen to excellence during his time here,” Todd W., Production Supervisor told us.

Like what you’ve heard? We are hiring and LDV will train you! Visit our Careers page to submit your application for our Fabricator/Welder position and get started on building a promising future.