We Simplified the Tool Truck Design Process

LDV developed our Custom Options Website to simplify the Snap-on tool truck design process for you. The site is basically an online grocery list: select the chassis, the length, the features and options you want, add them to your “cart” and submit your selections. Your Sales Specialist will review your selections, offer suggestions and then provide you with pricing and current lead times. This speeds up the design process significantly and gets you closer to your new truck delivery.

If you have used the site in the past for a tool truck you own currently, awesome! If you are ready for a new vehicle, we can reset your account so you can get started on your next vehicle.


Follow the STEPS below to get started.

Snap-on tool truck interior by LDV

Contact Your Sales Specialist

First, you need a key to get in. If you’re ready to start designing a new tool truck on our Custom Options site, reach out to your Sales Specialist or email mobiletoolstores@ldvusa.com to obtain your login credentials. The login is specific to you and will save all of your selections along the way.

Paul Giese – Central, South Central, North Central
262-757-2453 // pgiese@ldvusa.com

Pete Madsen – Northeast
262-757-2435 // pmadsen@ldvusa.com

Sam Sottile – Southwest, Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic Regions
262-757-2478 // ssottile@ldvusa.com

Jay Essman – Northwest and Southeast
262-757-2501 // jessman@ldvusa.com

Ken Weis – Canada
262-757-2411 // kweis@ldvusa.com

Interior of LDV Snap-on tool truck

Obtain Your Custom Options Username and Password

Your Sales Specialist will generate a personalized username and password and we’ll email those to you. Those credentials are required to access our www.ldvcustomoptions.com site to start designing.

Create Your Tool Truck Wishlist

Congrats, you are in! The sky is the limit. Consider this a shopping list. You aren’t locked-in to any features or options at this point. Pick what you like! We can always change or edit your selections later. You’ll go through the chassis type (step van or cab chassis), vehicle length and so on and then start picking your store options. Like the ColorCore with a desk? No problem. Want to add slatwall, stacks and a winch for easier tool box loading/unloading? Sure thing. Our tool truck custom options site is visual so you can see what you are selecting. Once you are finished, submit your selections so we can review what you like. Your Sales Specialist will offer suggestions and provide pricing for your new truck.

That’s it!

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our Sales Team.

Ordering a new tool truck from us? We’ll waive the $99 listing fee to sell your existing truck. Nobody knows tool trucks like LDV.
used Snap-on tool truck