Tool Truck Customer Focus – Ed Jewett

In this blog we feature one of many customer’s amazing tool truck designs. Highlighting Ed Jewett’s killer custom Freightliner, this 22-foot tool truck MT-55G (gasoline) not only looks awesome, but its the result of 25 years of experience in the field. Ed’s route is near Geauga County, Ohio, 15 miles from Pennsylvania. He took delivery of this latest truck back in April and has been on the route a few months now with the new store. He was previously in a 20-foot truck, so the extra space has been a great upgrade. He also told us he prefers the gas chassis trucks.

Ed selected the gas Freightliner chassis because of his rural route and simplified (and less expensive) maintenance. We have sold a lot of gas chassis trucks over the last few years or so for these same reasons, as well as not having to deal with diesel emissions. His truck is also a forward entry door body, which he said he prefers. He mentioned to us the Amish made him earn their business. It wasn’t easy initially.

Once inside the store, the front area is well thought out. We added a promo shelf and overhead lighted knife display near the entry door. His truck has an awesome audio system as well. Some key features of the store include the single repair stack and carpeted hammer rack display. There is an L-shaped desk with a pull out counter extension as well. Also notice the wall partition for some privacy. His truck has three toolbox openings (86″, 62″ and 46″), each with smooth plate to protect the floor. Ed stated the dual rooftop A/C units have been awesome so far.

The repair stack has a red powder coated socket center with magnets. Above the 62″ box area is E-track with a removable slatwall section and an air tool ladder display. We added a glass door refrigerator and overstock floor drawers as well. In the below photo, check out that powerful subwoofer that has been added to “shake things up” inside the store. The sub is installed within a custom enclosure and driven by a Kenwood 5-channel amplifier.

Some additional features include: VersaFlex product display shelving and drawers, stainless steel countertop at the workstation, LED interior lighting, air tool ladder display and more.

Ed’s truck is a great example of a good store layout paired with a great chassis for the ultimate tool truck. If you want more information or pricing to build something similar, feel free to reach out to your sales specialist. We’d love to set you up with a personalized login to start creating your custom tool truck wishlist!

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