The Write Stuff

LDV’S ERP Systems Manager Talks Why Writing Feels Right

Could you do your job without a computer? Like most workers, many of LDV’s employees would answer this question with a resounding “No!” Every day, our employees utilize these vital tools for everything from CAD and accounting to marketing eblasts and video editing. Keeping these tools in working order is of the highest importance for people to perform their jobs effectively. That’s where our ERP Systems Manager, Chris Benham, swoops in to help.

Chris works on all of these components by maintaining intricate operating systems, protecting against malicious hackers, and ensuring machines are up-to-date. This helps employees to continue designing, building, and maintaining the world’s best custom specialty vehicles. For Chris, it’s an interest he has had since he can remember.

As Chris explains, “I keep LDV’s computer systems secure and running but I have always been interested in computers and programming. I was in ‘IT’ before it was a known term!”

Poetry Phenom
This ongoing fascination with technology isn’t shocking either. Chris is always game to talk tech with anyone who will listen, whether it’s about the newest smartphone, gadget, or his Robo-dog Bentley. But when he isn’t running diagnostics or speaking about the newest craze in technology, Chris spends his free time living a little more creatively. “Working with computers is an austere living and I need something more liberating and creative to do in my free time. My downtime involves a lot of creative writing, which I do for fun,” Chris elaborated.

LDV employees are familiar with Chris’s writing via his classic “out of office” poem emails, but that’s not where he started. While still living in the UK, Chris won a national poetry competition at the age of 18 and ignited his passion for writing. Penning the winning poem, which was inspired by a favorite destination of his in Wales, eventually led to some freelancing for a printing company as well. Here, he would write verses akin to those seen in greeting cards. It also led to a commission writing short mystery and love stories for a popular British coffee table magazine.

“The stories had to be easy to read over a coffee break, so they were very short and concise,” said Chris.

While Chris has not written a full novel yet, he says he would love to take on the challenge one day. Currently, he is combining his love of robotics and writing into what promises to be a very exciting project. While he couldn’t divulge too much, we know this project could see his work as a comic book, something completely new for him.

Writing is His R’n’R
While working with computers has him thinking in a more precise manner throughout his day, Chris’s pastime allows for a little more imagination. This ability to step back from the rigidness of coding and let loose in a more creative way is why he’ll always keep coming back to writing.

“Writing is the antithesis of coding. Writing allows me to break free from those constraints and is an enjoyable luxury for me. I know a select few others enjoy my writing and while I have an audience, I’ll continue to write!”

And his audience at LDV can’t wait to see what he puts out next!

LDV employs people who are passionate about everything they do, not just custom specialty vehicles. Want to learn more about other LDV employees and their hobbies? Check out our Newsroom for more blogs spotlighting them!