Team LDV: The Builders

It’s no secret that our custom vehicles are complex. From the design through the delivery, we rely on so many different talented people to create these world class vehicles. Much like building a house, our custom vehicles utilize people from all of the trades including electrical, HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, fabrication and more. In this blog, we highlight our Builders which are responsible for the assembly of the truck, which is much more than just bolting parts inside the vehicle shell.

Meet Kyle: Builder

Kyle has worked for LDV for over 12 years and has had quite the career path.

“I started in Shipping,” he told us. “I worked my way into the Woodshop, Snap-on tool truck Prep Crew, the Graphics Shop and ultimately here as Builder.”


When Kyle started with us, he had been working as a commercial electrician. He told us that driving to different jobsites, inconsistent work load and unfavorable outdoor working conditions made him look for a better career opportunity.

“Working outdoors in Wisconsin winters is horrible. Setting light poles in a cold, windy parking lot in the mud got old really fast. Add in the layoffs and it was time to find something better for myself,” Kyle said.


Kyle’s crew is responsible for building custom command vehicles, dive trucks and trailers, SWAT and tactical units and mobile medical vehicles. As part of a crew that is responsible for the creation of the truck, the team works together pulling wire and network cabling, installs the walls, wires in the LED ceiling lights, installs all of the HVAC systems, assembles the electronics rack and so much more. Being a Builder requires a lot of problem solving skills, measuring (and re-measuring) and team work. What’s great is all of our Builders come from diverse backgrounds: We have former carpenters, electricians, appliance technicians, general laborers and more to create a well rounded team. Basically any of the trades make great Builders here.


“LDV has a lot of Builders with decades of experience. These are the same people that train you on the job here. They show you how to build these trucks. There is so much to learn from them,” he says.


Meet Coty: Builder

Coty is another one of our Builders. He too works on custom law enforcement and medical vehicles. Coty was an appliance service tech before shifting gears with his career and coming to LDV. He got tired of the repetitive work. LDV is always changing no matter what department you work in.


“I started at LDV as a Detailer. I moved up into a Crew Lead in our Detail Department and then moved my way into Builder,” Coty told us.


He enjoys helping build vehicles that are destined to make a difference. Seeing a custom law enforcement vehicle on TV or reading a news article about a situation where one of our trucks assisted during the mission is rewarding for Coty.


“It feels good knowing these trucks make a difference every day. They are designed to be out there helping others around the world. I was at the Boston Marathon during the bombing. Now, the Boston Fire Department utilizes their LDV-built command center at the Marathon to coordinate staff and have a local presence at the event. These trucks are critical for safety in today’s world,” he said.



Kyle and Coty are just two of the many talented Builders that work here creating custom vehicles. More to come on additional Team LDV employees! Thanks for reading.