Team LDV: Focus on the Details

LDV vehicle detailers

LDV’s Detail Department is the Last Stop in the Custom Vehicle Process


Custom vehicles are much like building a new house. It all starts with a need. We work with our customers to design the vehicle, make edits and review change orders and ultimately the construction of the vehicle takes place. We start all of our builds with a bare chassis and then prewire the vehicle to prepare it for all of the components, radios, cameras and lights that need to be integrated. We fabricate and install the exterior storage boxes and even our hand fabricated slide outs. After all of this has been done, a lot of dust, shavings and remnants from construction need to be dealt with.


Time for our Detail Crew to get to work.

/app/uploads/2023/05/DSC1009-LR-1-1024×683.jpg” alt=”” width=”700″ height=”467″ /> Some staff members from our Detail Department with Morgan Volbrecht from the Burlington (WI) Chamber of Commerce recently


“Our department is the last stop in the custom vehicle process,” said Tom Chevrette, Production Supervisor. “It is our responsibility to go through the vehicle 100% and ensure it looks its best prior to delivery to the customer. First impressions are a big deal with custom trucks, so we work really hard to ensure the truck will wow them.”


/app/uploads/2023/05/DSC0574-LR-1-1024×683.jpg” alt=”” width=”699″ height=”466″ /> Kelsey cleans windows in a brand new Snap-on Tools program van


The Detail Department handles everything from washing the exterior to sealing the new flooring, installing product displays in our tool trucks and applying our signature LDV logo badges and more. They perform some undercoating duties and install the seals on our exterior storage boxes as well. They also check tire pressures and other tasks as needed. They also have to be efficient in performing all of these tasks. At any given time, there might be 6-7 trucks being detailed at once. And the trucks we build aren’t commuter hatchbacks. These are often 40ft. command centers with multiple slide-outs and lots of square footage to clean.


“The command centers are my favorite,” said Kelsey, one of our Detailers. “They look amazing and its really rewarding to be part of a truck that will shipped out to a customer in another state or even another country.”

/app/uploads/2023/05/DSC1125-LR-1-1024×683.jpg” alt=”” width=”699″ height=”466″ /> Cadence cuts foam mats to cover the steps inside a new command vehicle
/app/uploads/2023/05/DSC1113-LR-1-1024×683.jpg” alt=”” width=”699″ height=”466″ /> Fresh! This Rock N Roll Cab Express looks great after going through our Detail Department


When the goal is perfection, there isn’t much room for error. This crew knows how to work hard but ask any of them and they truly enjoy the trucks and more importantly, the team. LDV has always cultivated a unique culture that promotes hard work while having fun. During the warm Burlington summer months, the Detail Department’s doors are open and you can hear music permeating from within. Another common theme with this crew is the positivity throughout. On a recent visit to capture these photos, our marketing team was greeted with a smile and a few questions about what we were up to given the shoulder-slung camera.


“Oh, I don’t mind helping our Marketing team out anytime they need us. Its fun,” Katie, a Detailer told us. “They spotlight us to show others in the community how fun it is to work here. That leads to good hires and we can use the help.” for more information.