Team LDV: Electrical Installation Technicians

Complex vehicles required talented teams to build them. From our sales and design teams, engineering, fabrication, wiring, assembly, graphics, upholstery and more, these people are responsible for the quality, performance and value you receive from your LDV-built truck (or trailer!). For years now, we have been highlighting individuals throughout our facilities that are passionate about their craft and have helped us raise the bar in the custom vehicle marketplace.

Meet Mick. Mick is an Electrical Installation Technician on one of our Special Service Vehicles (SSV) crews.



“Basically I handle all the AC and DC panels, DC modules, monitoring equipment, full vehicle surge protectors, cam breakers; anything that provides electrical current to any of the systems within the vehicle we are building,” he tells us.

LDV builds vehicles for a number of different markets including law enforcement, medical, library outreach, mobile retail, power and utility and so much more. The technology and systems we install into them is ever-changing. This means, our crews need to be on their A-game at all times. Recently, we shared a photo on our Facebook page highlighting several employees that have been here for 30, 40 or more years building trucks. You can imagine the knowledge they have to share with others.

“Technology and equipment changes rapidly so it’s important to stay up on all of those,” he says. “There is a wealth of knowledge here. We collaborate a lot amongst each other. I pull a lot of experience from the guys that have been here a long time.”


LDV Electrical Installation Technician



“Obviously, I enjoy working on the mobile command vehicles: police, SWAT. etc., but a particular favorite of mine was a bus conversion into a medical unit for Puerto Rico. The systems on there (truck) were just amazing to work on. It was a great learning experience and the finished product was just great for the customer.”

Mick told us that today’s command vehicles are simple to deploy due to our intelligent systems. LDV’s exclusive Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system coordinates the slide-out deployment, lighting, HVAC systems, vehicle leveling and generator with the touch of a button through a simple to use touchscreen interface. Behind the scenes however is a complex network of modules and wires and Mick handles it all. When you look behind the control panels it is quite intimidating to look at. But not for Mick and the rest of our frontend builders.

“We have schematics to follow,” he says jokingly after we point out the mass of wires behind the Intel-I-Touch. “All of our wires are color coded and we match them up to our diagrams. It seems complicated and overwhelming but it’s really not.”



Mick and the Electrical Installation Technicians are just some of many talented professionals here working on your custom vehicle. Watch for more staff member profiles to come.