Summer Spruce Up! – Tool Trucks

In today’s blog, we are talkin’ tool truck maintenance. Over the last several years we have assembled some helpful Tech Tips and How-To videos to keep your truck in top condition. If you take proper care of your LDV custom tool truck, it will provide you with years of worry-free service.

We want your locks to always operate smoothly, here’s what you will need to maintain them: dry lubricant spray (either a Teflon or Graphite base), white lithium grease spray, and a rag.

Exterior of Locks, Exterior Tri-mark Paddle Handles (entry doors or bigger compartments), and Exterior Deadbolts

Step 1: Wipe lock to get rid of any debris

Step 2: Spray your dry lubricant inside lock

Step 3: Take your keys and move them back and forth in all directions inside lock to make sure lubricant is fully inside (spray more if it’s not a smooth operation) Operate tri-mark handle back and forth as well.

Interior of Entry Door Lock and Inisde T-handles of Exterior Compartments, Inside of Door for Tri-mark Paddle Handels

Step 1: Wipe lock to get rid of any debris

Step 2: Spray your white lithium grease on all moving components of lock

Step 3: Operate your lock back and forth (spray more if it’s not a smooth operation)

To make sure that your rear liftgate keeps working smoothly and to clean your liftgate properly, the items that you will need: Engine degreaser, light weight motor oil, squirt bottle, pressure washer, and a 3-ace socket to remove the lower pump cover.

Step 1: Cleaning

Spray all chains, slider rails, cart stop, and any other moving component of the liftgate with engine degreaser (removing all debris inside)

Let the degreaser soak for at least 20 minutes

Repeat the process on the other side

Step 2: Pressure Washing

Pressure wash entire liftgate

Repeat the process on the other side

Step 3: Remove Pump Cover

Unscrew pump cover with 3-ace socket from outside and unhook tail light harness inside to fully detach pump cover from truck

Step 4: Liftgate Lubrication

Lubricate the chain, slider rails, and cart stops with lightweight motor oil

Step 5: Operate Liftgate

Operate liftgate to go fully up and back down

Check liftgate surfaces for excess oil and wipe clean. Reinstall pump cover when finished. Check, clean, and re-lubricate regularly.

Here’s what you need to achieve a like-new shine on your black dot floors: Pine-sol diluted (50:50) in a spray bottle, stiff bristle scrub brush, shop rags or old towels, artificial sheepskin applicator, Armstrong S-480 floor polish.

Step 1: Sweep out the truck

Step 2: Spray the Pine-Sol solution on the floor

Step 3: Agitate the surface with the scrub brush in a circular motion

Step 4: Wipe the floor clean

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 if needed, when floor is clean, topcoat with the Armstrong S-480 floor polish

Put a small amount onto floor and use your rag to spread polish evenly throughout floor

When polish foams up you added the correct amount

Usually takes about 30min to dry before you can walk on it


Even though it’s summer, you should still run your heater to ensure proper operation. Your heaters needs to be serviced at a minimum of once a year. Here are some tips for the safe and reliable operation of your Webasto and Espar heater.

Be sure to follow the maintenance reminders on your controller (Once a month the “Maint Required” message will appear (the unit needs to run for its 20-minute countdown to circulate fuel through the system) For Troubleshooting information call Tech Webasto (800)860-7866

Keep the 4” heater outlet free from obstructions during operation

This vent gets extremely hot and can cause a hazard

The filter on the inlet side of fuel pump may need to be replaced

Keep your fuel tank at ¼ or above (the heater will not run with less fuel)

Here are the most common fault codes and what to do should you experience one of these. For other fault codes, click the button below.

F00: Heater fault lock-out activated – RECOMMENDATION: Perform heater fault lockout procedure (Turn heater control “on”, within 10 seconds on turning control on remove main fuse for heater, wait 10 seconds, turn heater control “off”, re-insert main fuse for heater)

Turn the heater on at the switch by pushing the Webasto button

Within 10 seconds pull the 20amp fuse ONLY (fuse is located at the heater, there is a 20
amp and a 3 amp. You only need to remove the 20 amp to reset. *Location of fuses shown
behind the pane)

Leave removed for a minimum of 30 seconds

After 30 seconds turn the switch off by pushing the Webasto button

Put the fuse back in and start the heater

F01: No Start – RECOMMENDATION: Check fuel supply (tank empty, lines blocked), Clean burner insert, Gasoline: Replace flame sensor. Diesel: Replace overheating sensor/control unit

There are two (2) screens (filters) that need to be replaced. The most common symptoms of a dirty filter are: A “No Flame Detected” code on the thermostat and a lot of white smoke coming from the exhaust. Call LDV to order your replacement filter or other heater maintenance parts: (800)-558-5986

For any questions, please contact our Service Department