Spring Into Vehicle Maintenance

Prepare Your Tool Truck for Warmer Weather

Spring is finally in the air! With sunshine, flowers, and April showers on the brain, it can be easy to forget some of the spring maintenance you should stay on top of. Below are some vehicle maintenance items you can tackle now to ensure your vehicle is performing at its best. 


Lead-Acid Auxiliary Battery Maintenance 

Maintaining your lead-acid auxiliary batteries ensures that they will be in proper working order when you need them. This simple and effective procedure requires the autofill hand pump and a gallon of distilled water. 


  1. Connect the pump up to the battery autofill system 
  2. Insert the other end of the hose into the gallon of distilled water. 
  3. Prime the bulb and watch the water go through. When the bulb is firm, the batteries have been properly topped off. 
    • The battery fill system includes a float valve for each individual battery cell. Only the cells that need water will take it when you use this system. When the bulb is firm, all cells have been filled appropriately.

We produced a short video that explains this procedure. Click the video to watch:


Cleaning and Lubricating your Thieman® TVL Liftgate

Your liftgate is an essential part of your tool truck, providing a way to load and unload larger pieces of inventory. The required maintenance materials for this project are engine degreaser, lightweight motor oil, a squirt bottle, a pressure washer or hose with a spray nozzle and a Snap-on® ratchet with a 3/8th socket for removing the lower pump cover. 


  1. Liberally spray the chains and slider rails of your liftgate with the engine degreaser. Make sure to spray the bottom side of the rail as well as moving components such as the cart stop. 
  2. Let the degreaser soak for 20 minutes. Repeat the process on the other side. 
  3. Pressure wash the areas the engine degreaser was applied to. Repeat this step on the other side as well. 
  4. Remove the pump cover using your ratchet with the ⅜ socket. Make sure to unhook the tail light harness. 
  5. Lubricate the entire chain with lightweight motor oil. Make sure to lubricate the slide rails and cart stop as well. 
  6. Operate your liftgate through an entire cycle. 
  7. Reinstall the pump cover. Check your liftgate surfaces for any excess oil and wipe clean. Ensure that you continue to check, clean, and lubricate your liftgate regularly.

For a demonstration of how to properly clean and lubricate your Thieman® TVL liftgate, refer to the video below.


Maintaining Your Webasto® SmarTech Heater

Run your heater in the summer? You bet! Operating your Webasto® SmarTech heater at least once every thirty days ensures it is working properly. A maintenance reminder will display if the system detects the heater has not run in this timeframe. 

Your Webasto® SmartTech display will prompt you to run the heater for twenty minutes to ensure your heater continues to function regularly. You can either start the maintenance cycle or “snooze” the reminder until 12PM the next day. 

For a demonstration of this process as well as maintenance tips for your Webasto® SmarTech heater, refer to the video below.

Used with permission from Webasto® Thermo & Comfort North America


Maintaining Your A/C System

Now is the time to perform the routine maintenance on your air conditioning system to ensure it works properly in the upcoming warm weather. 

Cleaning the filter in the Evaporator and the intake of the rooftop A/C units prevents your system from becoming clogged or overworked. For this project, you will need a drill and a Phillips bit for removing the screws. 


  1. Remove the screws from the plastic evaporator cover and remove the cover. 
  2. Remove the screws from the metal panel so the panel will drop down.
    • Please note, the screws may be hidden under the black foam covering the panel.
  3. Remove the plastic pins holding the metal filter to the evaporator.
  4. Clean or replace the filter depending on its condition.
  5. Reinstall the filter, metal panel and plastic evaporator cover. 


Also, be sure to check the drive belt on the compressor of the A/C system to ensure this is functioning properly as well. Perform a visual check of the compressor’s drive belt for tears or excessive wear. 


Clean and Lubricate Your Doors and Compartments 

Did the snowy winter months leave your vehicle feeling a bit grimey? Lubricating your doors and compartment locks will help get rid of build-up from winter snow, salt and slush as well. 


Clean and Restore Your Vehicle’s Floors

Haven’t had time to clean and maintain your vehicle’s floors? Times of reduced foot traffic are perfect for cleaning and restoring them. This simple and effective procedure requires a spray bottle of Pinesol® in a 50/50 solution, a scrub brush, shop rags or old towels, an artificial sheepskin applicator, and Armstrong® S-480 floor polish. 


  1. Sweep out the floor of your vehicle. Make sure there is no debris. 
  2. Spray your diluted Pinesol® onto the floor. 
  3. Agitate the surface with the scrub brush using a circular motion. 
  4. Wipe the floor clean with a rag, making sure to remove all of the dirty and grime. Repeat the process again depending upon how dirty your floor is. You want to ensure it is clean before using the floor polish. 
  5. Once the floor is clean, pour a small amount of the Armstrong® S-480 floor polish onto the floor. 
  6. Take the applicator and evenly spread the floor polish across the floor. The floor polish will foam up a little bit while doing so. 
  7. Allow half an hour to dry before walking on your floor. 

We produced a short video that explains this procedure. Click the link to watch:


Make sure to consult the maintenance guidelines of your chassis to ensure you are following the proper maintenance timeline. You can also reach out to our Service Department with any questions you have regarding the maintenance of your tool truck or custom specialty vehicle.

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