Slide Into a New Way to Display

Air Chisel Display Shelf

LDV Creates New Sliding Display for Mobile Tool Stores

LDV’s new Sliding Display has sixteen different accessories to choose from, putting your products in front of your customers while saving space. The display can easily be reconfigured, creating endless possibilities when it comes to this newest display innovation for your mobile tool store.

One of the biggest benefits of the new sliding display is the flexibility its compact nature provides. As with all LDV’s merchandising displays, the sliding display is e-track mounted and easily installed using threaded knobs and clips. Occupying just two slots on E-track, the display can go just about anywhere you have available space. With heavy-duty locking slides, the base can hold up to 300 pounds worth of product while continuing to seamlessly slide in and out. These slides make the display easy to use and load with products that will be readily available to your customers.

Single Vertical Magnet Rail

Sixteen different accessories are available to pick from creating a wide range of ways to showcase products from sockets and air tools to pliers and screwdrivers. Choose one accessory to exhibit a specific product or mix and match to display a variety. The ability to customize the height of the accessories is made easy by the slots found on each side of the display, giving you the ability to move them depending upon the products you choose to feature. With so many choices that cover a wide variety of products, this display offers you endless configurations that optimize your display space to fit your needs.

Torque Wrench Display System

The new sliding display will transform the way your customers view your products. Visit us at SFC 2019 to learn more about this innovative new product or check out our website to learn more and see the different types of accessories available.