Repurposed Tool Trucks Get New Lease on Life

Leverage an LDV- Built Used Tool Trucks for Your Selling Platform

Are you in need of a mobile platform to fit your selling needs? Do you have a display idea but don’t know how to execute it? Concerned about the cost and time required to implement a mobile solution?  Repurpose an LDV-built used tool truck! We have many vehicles in stock and can start working with you on your project immediately!

Every used truck goes through an inspection process covering the mechanical components of the vehicle, the exterior and the auxiliary systems. Issues identified during these inspections are addressed, giving you a solid baseline to start with.

From there, the interior can be configured in a variety of ways.  Areas normally reserved for toolboxes can become new display areas for items such as A/C machines, promo specials, jacks or larger equipment. The work stack can be utilized as a dedicated workspace perfect for a computer and printer shelf. Empty wall space becomes the perfect place for displays, demo space, or graphics to show off products. Any previously applied exterior graphics are removed, giving you a blank canvas for your graphic display.

Many customers have repurposed used tool trucks for a variety applications such as selling Snap-on starter sets, display vehicles, even equipment trucks for local fire departments. AccuForm, a company that specializes in safety signage, repurposed an 18ft. step van into a mobile display vehicle perfect for their tradeshow and display needs. They chose to incorporate vertical slide-out pages, providing the perfect storage area for their various products. Custom-fabricated cabinets were installed providing additional storage and counterspace while socket drawers were repurposed for storing smaller products. Accuform’s use of the vehicle is a great example of adapting these highly versatile platforms to fit their specific needs.

Purchasing an LDV-built used tool truck offers you versatility without waiting for a brand new truck. Visit our used truck webpage to view the different vehicles we have available.  Or, contact a sales person to find out what vehicle will best fit your needs!

Photo courtesy of Accuform