Promoting Prevention

For many people, preventive screenings are the key to early detection and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Offering preventive services out of a mobile medical vehicle allows them to identify health issues before they advance and become more difficult to treat all while reaching more patients in under-served or rural communities.


Early Detection

Preventive healthcare is meant to detect and treat health issues early through services like screenings, tests, and immunizations. Services such as regular oral screenings can identify dental symptoms indicative of larger issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis among others. If found, these early warning signs can prompt patients to visit the appropriate doctor and obtain treatment. For those who cannot regularly visit a dental or medical office, having a mobile medical vehicle servicing their community can help uncover larger underlying health issues before they become serious problems.



Increased Quality of Life

Preventive screenings out of mobile medical vehicles help increase a person’s quality of life in numerous ways. Having a mobile medical vehicle visit your community offers resources to those who would otherwise go without due to multiple reasons including an inability to visit a traditional doctor’s office. These resources can include services such as vision, dental, and primary care among others. For many, being connected to the types of care they need helps them acquire treatment they may have otherwise gone without. This in turn can give patients the ability to manage their conditions with little supervision from a doctor or nurse due to early detection, allowing them to lead fairly normal lives.



A delay in diagnosis and treatment can lead to further complications, making the health issue costly for the patient and medical institution treating them. When a patient is able to receive preventive care, they are often afforded the ability to treat their condition through less invasive measures. This in turn helps reduce the need to visit an emergency room or be admitted to the hospital due to their symptoms, saving the patient and hospital resources and money. They also help cut down on travel costs for those utilizing these mobile medical vehicles for their services. Having medical vehicles visit the community means not having to travel to a clinic that may be too far out of reach for many.


Your mobile medical vehicle is a key factor in promoting prevention when it is in service to the community. Preventive screenings are an important step in improving health outcomes and reducing health care costs for patients and medical institutions alike.