IN HIS WORDS: Phil Chavarin Shares Why He Chose LDV


Phil Chavarin visited us here at LDV in Burlington, Wisconsin to take delivery of his new 20 ft. MT-55 mobile tool store. Phil is road-tripping with the truck back to beautiful San Diego. His new truck features black stained Oak display shelves, custom hammer rack, refrigerator, pocket knife display case and more. One interesting design choice was the decision to incorporate display shelving from front to back with a single stack workstation instead of an L-shaped workstation.



“I’m on my feet all day anyways and I don’t mind. I wanted to make things as convenient as possible for my customers. The ability to display more product was really important to me.”

Prior to this new custom vehicle, Phil owned a 2001 LDV-built tool truck that he bought used. Phil said he was most impressed with the fact that LDV was willing to help troubleshoot any issues he had even though he wasn’t the original owner of the vehicle. This exceptional customer service is what made him decide to come back to LDV when he was ready to purchase a new Snap-on mobile tool store. Although we’re a little far from San Diego for service, Phil will come to us for any parts he may need because of our ability to help and ship so quickly. Phil is most excited to take his new truck out on his route.