Oh, Suesanna

Burlington’s Mercantile Hall Enlists LDV to Tackle Trailer Project

Mercantile Hall is an event venue in historic downtown Burlington combining small town love with an industrial, urban feel. Starting with a photo for inspiration and a vintage trailer, the venue envisioned a unique outdoor bar in their newly developed space aptly named the “Urb Garden.” When they tasked LDV with transforming a 1950 camper trailer into an outdoor bar LDV jumped at the chance to tackle their project.


Meet Suesanna

In total it took a little over three weeks for thirteen people representing LDV’s many departments to complete the work on the vintage trailer turned bar happily named, Suesanna. To start, Mercantile Hall purchased the trailer and removed the interior before bringing it to LDV to start the transformation. Updates to the flooring structure were made to reinforce the floor and correct sagging that had occurred over time. Every screw on the exterior had to be replaced as well as adding new interior lights, outlets and wiring. This new wiring is concealed in special conduit that also provides additional roof support.


“We’ve never really had the opportunity to do something like this. It was a fun side project to tackle amid everything else we were working on.” – Todd Weidner, Production Supervisor


LDV’s expertise can be found in many additions and features such as the custom-made serving windows and doors, exterior wood trim, bar structure and the countertops that were hand crafted by our woodshop to go over the rear bar cabinets supplied by Mercantile Hall. The original stabilizer jacks were left intact while some slight modifications were made. Some body work and a coat of paint was added to restore Suesanna’s vintage charm. The trailer did have a shore power plug which had to be switched out for a new one. This task included patching over the old plug port and deleting the old wiring so a brand-new plug and wiring could be installed. The exterior trailer lighting was also updated with LEDs so it can safely travel on the road.


“What I really appreciated about this project was taking something old and repurposing it into something new and different that so many people will be able to enjoy.” – Will Cesar, Lead Fabricator/Welder


This project was a great collaboration showcasing the strengths of different Burlington establishments and craftsmen. Mercantile Hall displayed their creativity and determination by shaping a distinct plan and purchasing what would eventually become Suesanna. They also hired a local painter to help maintain the aesthetic they have crafted for their venue. Rebuilding this trailer allowed LDV to showcase our abilities from woodworking, welding, and fabrication to paint and graphics. With all the love put into this community collaboration, Suesanna is now a fully mobile custom bar situated in downtown Burlington to be enjoyed by many.


Teamwork by all made the dream work for Mercantile Hall. Visit their website to learn more about the trailer and see more of their beautiful venue. You can also check out LDV’s site to see more of what we’re capable of here in Burlington.

“Each person we encountered at LDV was interested in exactly one thing:  making Suesanna as good as she could possibly be. The culture of quality and craftsmanship and pride and detail was as thick as you’ll find anywhere, and we always felt we were in the best of hands.” – Andrew L., Mercantile Hall

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