More Features, More Functionality, MORE FUN!

Endless Possibilities to Create a Fantastic Bookmobile


Evolving bookmobile features can grab the attention of patrons while creating a comfortable environment for staff on the road. For those looking to create a new custom bookmobile, here are some options to consider.


Book Carts

Book carts are a great way to organize specific materials ahead of time for both regular stops and specialized events. Not only does this help get staff prepared ahead of time, but it ensures related materials will not go overlooked. For instance, are you having a comic book themed event at the community park? Display your graphic novels, “how to draw” books, and more related materials on a book cart. Choose to use the carts in conjunction with a folding table, allowing you to set up shop outside as well. The carts can also provide shelving space in smaller platforms like a Transit or Sprinter while also presenting an opportunity to incorporate a pop of color into your bookmobile.



Front & Rear Workstations

Providing dedicated workspaces at the front and rear of your new bookmobile provides your staff their own area while creating a natural flow for patrons entering and exiting the vehicle. Having two workstations also provides multiple checkout areas. Shelves can be recessed into the base of the workstations, creating extra display space for materials. Features such as pencil drawers under the work top add convenience while laminate countertops provide durability. Both workstations can also be wired to include desktop computers, monitors, fans, and more to help your staff assist patrons moving through the vehicle.



Book Drops

Book drops come in all different shapes and sizes! We have designed and built bookmobiles recently that have integrated their book drop into staff workstations by creating a slot in the countertop that drops into a bin hidden underneath. You can also choose to use a stand-alone book drop that can be located under a counter or sitting on the passenger side of the vehicle. Book carts with wheels are another popular option as they make transporting books from the drop point back to the shelves a snap.



Overhead Cabinets with Dry Erase Surfaces

Cabinets are key in a bookmobile! They provide storage space for library materials, cleaning supplies, and staff belongings. Incorporating dry erase writing surfaces to overhead cabinets makes these multi-task by creating an additional spot for your staff to write reminders, leave notes, or doodle fun drawings for the patrons coming aboard while saving wall space.



Onboard PA Systems and Powerful Audio!

Are you looking to incorporate audio throughout the interior of your bookmobile? There are many options to consider such as adding a PA system for announcements or a Bluetooth-ready in-dash or wall-mounted stereo receiver for cranking tunes or playing movie audio as well. Multiple amplifiers and speakers ensure that everyone inside can hear the audio source you are playing clearly. Also consider adding weatherproof speakers to the outside of your bookmobile for community events, parades, or other fun events.



Exterior Storage Compartments

Are you looking for ways to incorporate more storage space without giving up precious real state inside your bookmobile? Consider integrating one of our extreme-duty body storage compartments. These lockable weatherproof compartments ensure any materials or personal items you stash remain dry and safe during transport or at a stop.



Incorporating multi-functional features can provide both convenience and fun to your vehicle. If you’re beginning the process of creating your new custom bookmobile, consider adding some of these options as well as the other Fun and Functional Options we have detailed in the past.