Bringing New Meaning to “Door-to-Door”

Companies Utilizing Mobile Showrooms to Show Off Latest Offerings


Like everything today, the world has evolved and so has the way in which we market products and services. Online retail giants like Amazon have barely been able to keep up with order fulfillment. We have taken to the internet as our preferred shopping method. But it doesn’t stop there. Business to business shopping has evolved as well.


Companies such as Rubbermaid Commercial Products have developed mobile showrooms and marketing mobiles to demonstrate their latest offerings on-site at businesses across the country. Customers can board the custom vehicle, see their products installed as they would be in the real world and test products out. Red Wing Boots designed and implemented custom vehicles that brought work boots direct to manufacturers much like a tool truck brings tools direct to technicians at a service center. Convenience is key and even more sure during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are some examples that LDV has had a hand in creating over the years.


Rubbermaid Commercial Products has created multiple mobile marketing showrooms highlighting different products with various themes such as Health & Safety and Sustainable Solutions. From mop buckets and eye wash stations to signs and soap dispensers, customers can come aboard and not only see but touch and interact with the different Rubbermaid products they may be interested in.



The interiors have been carefully designed with features such as solid surface countertops for durability have been added to keep things looking fresh and new, even years down the road and hundreds of customers later. Custom cabinetry has been integrated throughout the vehicles for additional storage while things like scene lighting can also be incorporated to ensure your vehicle is illuminated.




3M worked with LDV to create a variety of mobile marketing mobiles as well. When they wanted to focus on their water filtration system in one vehicle, they chose to integrate a display in the middle of the showroom so potential customers could see the system up close. Another truck featured a display wall of their different tape guns, allowing customers to actually hold and interact with the different versions to see what they liked best.



These mobile showrooms can be designed and built on a variety of different chassis. For one of 3M’s vehicles utilized by their “Mining, Oil, & Gas Solutions” division, they chose a utility-style body on a Ford F350. This set-up gave 3M multiple exterior compartments that could create separated areas for different products that were easily accessible to staff and customers. They were even able to include a power board which allowed staff to demonstrate electric tools.


Red Wing Shoes also employed mobile showrooms for their business as well. We added multiple sets of shelves to clearly display their inventory akin to a brick-and-mortar shoe store. They also incorporated an area where they could service customers who needed repairs made to their shoes.

Kitchenware expert, Sysco has also used LDV-built mobile showrooms to show off their cookware, appliances, and other products they offer to restaurants and kitchens alike.


Utilizing these vehicles helps businesses bring their products directly to potential customers and identify needs they may not know they had. This is also beneficial to customers as they do not have to take time out of their schedule to travel to a brick-and-mortar store or set up an appointment to speak with a rep. Having the ability to travel around the country and perform demonstrations of your products also creates a larger reach for your business. Combine this with a colorful wrap featuring your branding, and you have a great way to gain even more recognition for your company.

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