Mobile Command Center Must Haves!

Cool Features to Complete Your Mobile Command Center


LDV’s creation of state-of-the-art custom specialty vehicles is what we do best. We want to create a tool that your organization will use in your community for many years to come. Our goal is to help you configure a vehicle that includes some of the most innovative features on the market, whether it’s through the use of our Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system, flat-floor slide outs, GreenPower™, or many others. While these features tend to be the scene stealers of a mobile command center, there are so many others that bring just as much ingenuity to the table.


Cord Reels

Cord reels are a great way to integrate and organize equipment in your mobile command or equipment vehicle! These heavy-duty reels can be added to interior compartments with pass-throughs, allowing staff on the inside to pass the cord to those working inside. Whether you need them for electrical, shore power, or water hoses, your organization can choose between manual or power retracting reels. The power retracting reels are especially useful for heavier cords. These reels can also be added to one of our extreme duty exterior storage compartments on the outside as well.

▶️Pro-Tip: Add multiple reels if your organization utilizes multiple cords for different applications while the vehicle is in the field.


LED Tri-Pod Lights

LED tri-pod lights add additional lighting to your vehicle that can also assist at a scene. These aluminum, height-adjustable lights can be stored on the outside of your mobile command center utilizing heavy duty brackets, keeping them in place during transport. Remove the lights from the brackets when at the scene to add additional light around the perimeter of the vehicle.

▶️Pro-Tip: Integrate multiple exterior outlets around the vehicle! This provides you flexibility in how you can set up the tri-pod lights around the mobile command center.


Galley Kitchens

Adding a galley kitchen makes a huge impact on the staff in your mobile command center while at a scene. The galley is a convenient place for staff to store water and food while deployed to a scene or for outreach supplies during a disaster. Equip your galley with a refrigerator, microwave, and even a Keurig coffee maker. A pressurized water supply system with fresh and grey water tanks is also a great addition. We can also install a small hot water heater if needed as well.

▶️Pro-Tip: Add a medical-grade fridge to the galley area exclusively for medicines staff may need on deployment or for citizens during a disaster.


Inside/Outside Storage Compartments

Bring the inside out! Our extreme duty storage compartments can be designed to fit your specialized gear. Have a Pelican® case that houses your drone or other equipment? We can design a tailored space for that. Weather resistant LED strip lighting can be added around the opening to illuminate gear or materials.

▶️Pro-Tip: Add adjustable shelving and a slide out tray with a cooler inside these cabinets! The shelves can be adjusted to your organization’s equipment needs as they may change over time.


Dual Awnings

Dual awnings provide your organization with the ability to cover entry doors as well as any exterior workstations, charging stations, or other features that may be integrated on the exterior of your mobile command center. Awnings can be installed next to each other, or on opposite sides for more coverage around the vehicle. Electric awnings can be controlled by our Intel-I-Touch™ vehicle automation system for easy deployment and storage as well, or you can opt for a manual awning if desired.

▶️Pro-Tip: You can add your organization’s logo to the awning for an extra touch of branding on your vehicle!


Lockable Aluminum Roll-Up Doors

Aluminum roll-up doors provide safe storage of equipment ranging anywhere from basic tools and SCBA gear to bomb squad equipment. The roll-up doors can be used on interior or exterior compartments and can vary in size as needed.

▶️Pro-Tip: Roll-up doors are another feature where LED strip lighting along the opening of the compartment comes in handy!


Dual Entry Doors

Dual entry doors establish the flow of traffic through your vehicle. If you will have multiple work areas, consider utilizing two different entry doors for your staff. Add an adjustable handrail and electric or manual entry steps for easy access. LDV can even fabricate pull-out aluminum steps in a cassette for extra space.

▶️Pro-Tip: Add perimeter cameras or security touchpads by entry doors so you can monitor traffic coming in and out of the vehicle!


LDV consistently strives to innovate the best features for our custom specialty vehicles, including mobile command centers. Visit our website and take a walk through different mobile command centers to see some of these features for yourself.