Making Gateway’s Future Even Brighter

“The Future Maker” Aides Gateway Students, Faculty and the Community in Shaping Futures

Gateway Technical College wanted a unique platform to demonstrate the quality of their educational programs while encapsulating the philosophy “Life is big. Be prepared.” When Dr. Bryan Albrecht, President and CEO of Gateway, envisioned the multifunctional “Future Maker” vehicle with the rest of his team, they chose to collaborate with LDV to help them make the dreams of their students and community a reality.

Training & Certification

Gateway offers numerous programs to help students obtain associate degrees, advanced technical certificates, and technical diplomas along with a variety of industry certificates. Acting as an extension of Gateway, the Future Maker hosts mobile training and certification programs on-site at workplaces as well. Employers can request to have the vehicle visit and train their employees on the emerging technology and equipment for topics like automotive diagnostics and precision measurement. These on-site trainings enhance employee education without extensive travel to attend a class. This also cuts down the cost in-house trainings can incur for employers. Having the Future Maker conduct trainings on-site for businesses helps both employees and employers while showcasing Gateway’s educational programs.

“LDV’s experience in providing customized solutions was valuable in our ability to meet our training goals through the Gateway training and certification vehicle. Students and employers enjoy the ability to bring Gateway programming to schools and worksites.” – Dr. Bryan Albrecht

Outfitted with equipment from Gateway’s “Fab Lab,” such as 3D printers and scanners, staff conduct these trainings using tools they will encounter in the working world. Once training is complete, participants receive their certification showing they have the fundamentals to perform a certain skill or procedure. Students who undergo trainings from the Future Maker obtain further certifications that make them even more appealing when searching for a post-graduation career. Employees who enjoy the certification courses can continue their education by enrolling in the Gateway program that best fits their goals.

Recruitment Efforts

Dr. Albrecht describes the vehicle as an invaluable recruiting tool that is greatly enjoyed by Gateway’s faculty. When the Future Maker appears at community events, the faculty brings a portion of the class to prospective students and shows rather than tells what the curriculum will entail. Various equipment like milling machines, vinyl cutters and scanners among others are loaded in the vehicle, giving people hands-on experience with actual tools they would use on campus. Having the Future Maker at public events helps people within the community learn about the school and see that it’s always smart to start investing in your education.

“LDV provided a high-quality product that continues to inspire creative learning environments.” – says Dr. Albrecht

It also helps current students to experience Gateway in a new way. They can visit the vehicle during community and campus events to learn about other programs that are offered. It also gives them a chance to get hands-on with the school’s equipment while meeting faculty and staff they otherwise would not have crossed paths with. Giving students a full picture of what Gateway is capable of not only helps create a sense of pride in their school but also in the educational track that they have chosen.

Working with LDV

Dr. Albrecht lauded LDV’s willingness to be a progressive listener, saying this helped to capture the intended use of the vehicle while also allowing for productive collaboration. Leveraging LDV’s 40 years of extensive knowledge creating custom vehicle solutions also aided in the Future Maker becoming a multifunctional vehicle that is optimized to help execute Gateway’s vision. This willingness to listen and collaborate ultimately makes the vehicle an educational tool that students, faculty, and the community will be able to enjoy and explore for years to come.

“The unique branding is like a rolling billboard for Gateway throughout Southeast Wisconsin.” – says Dr. Albrecht

Gateway chose a Freightliner MT-45, providing ample interior space on a perfectly sized platform. Outfitted with toolboxes, diagnostic equipment, and vices among other gear, the vehicle is able to show off different tools that students may use during their time at Gateway and in the real world. The E-track found throughout allows different fixtures to be moved as needed while VersaFlex drawers provide easily accessible display or storage space. Dual rear entry doors allow for easy loading as well as a way for visitors to enter and exit the vehicle unencumbered. The great use of space within this tool truck set-up allows Gateway to seamlessly change out equipment and display their educational significance to people in many different communities. To effortlessly show off the diverse student body and career paths one can pursue at Gateway, a bold graphic wrap showcasing actual students has been applied to the exterior.

Gateway Technical College uses their vehicle to better their school and the lives of the people, workplaces, and communities they visit. You can learn more about Gateway and the different programs they offer by visiting their website. Visit LDV’s website to see more of the different vehicles we can help you create to inspire and better your community today.